Why is Mother Alipia called Kiev Matrona of Moscow
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Why is Mother Alipia called the Kiev Matrona of Moscow?

In the history of Christianity, the names of many saints who left in the desert, exhausted themselves with fasting or absolute silence, are sealed. These are devotees of antiquity. But even in the twentieth century, special examples of righteousness can be found. Among them is Mother Alipia - the Kiev old woman, not yet canonized saint.Life and feats of mother Alipia

When saints are near

More and more often, in the midst of believers, one can hear an innocent murmur: “There are no elders now ...” In the life of a modern person there is no time and energy left for spiritual achievement and growth.

The stories of saints who went to the desert or spent their lives in small caves and fervent prayer are more often told as beautiful profits far from modern life.

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Tired of worldly things - take a trip, for example, to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where the relics of more than 120 saints rest. For many of them, these caves replaced luxurious houses and apartments. Prayer, bread and water, cold and wet cave - what else does a monk need for salvation?

Here are just these saints lived around the XII-XIII centuries. Now everything is different - the modern man will object. And he will be right.

But even in the XX-XXI centuries you can find examples of true holiness and the ascetic life. A special place among them isAlipia Goloseevskaya, better known as mother Alipia, an uncanonized saint of the twentieth century.

Very little is known about her life, but on the other hand, stories about healings through prayers to her mother are collected not on one book.

She survived the pogroms of the Red Guards, the repression of the 1930s and the prison, WWII, the prisoner and the concentration camp, the constant wandering and special spiritual feats. For such a life, God rewarded her with the gift of clairvoyance. She predicted events in the lives of many people, the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the date of her own death.

Godless power made her an orphan

Mother Alipia was born approximately in 1905 (according to other sources - in 1910) in the Penza province in a pious family. Her name was Agafia Avdeeva in the world.

She remembered little about her parents. From her father she passed on love for the posts - Tikhon Sergeevich fasted so strictly that he ate only crackers and decoction of straw. Mom took care of the poor, before the holidays even sending her daughter to take food to the needy.

Once the girl left the house to her neighbors, and when she returned, her parents were no longer alive. The Red Guards visited the house. But even as a child, she prayed over the dead all night, reading the Psalter. It was a turning point in 1918. From this time begins her journey of wandering. Then little Agathia passed hundreds and thousands of kilometers, visited various holy places, which the Soviet authorities particularly vehemently closed.

Apostle Peter in the biography of Mother Alipia

In the 1930s, like many believers, she ended up in prison. People in the cells were not waiting for liberation, but for execution. When only three of them remained in the same room — Agathia and the priest with her son, the priest decided to serve a requiem. By myself and my son. Agafier said she would survive.

Holosiivska desert

And indeed, nothing less than a miracle was accomplished. At night, the girl opened the door ...apostle Peterand brought her to the sea. No one can still say what kind of prison and what kind of sea it was, but from being imprisoned by Mother Alipia, there was an experience of the special presence of God, the amazing help of the First Apostle and numerous scars on her elbows, because she had to go 11 days and nights without water and food, climbing over rocks.

Instead cell - hollow old tree

During the Second World War, Agathia was taken prisoner, where she prayed a great deal for the captive women whom children or feeble parents were waiting for at home. Mother brought them over the barbed wire, and once she left, crossed the front line and went to Kiev.

At that time, the Germans-Pechersk Lavra, closed by the Bolsheviks, was opened by the Germans, here Agafia wanderer found a place to serve. Her confessor was father Kronid, who soon became the abbot of the monastery. Thanks to him, Agathia became Alipia - at the time of taking the haircut she was named in honor of the Pechersk icon painter - Saint Alipius.

Also, Father Kronid blessed her for a special spiritual feat, which modern people have never even heard of. For three years the young nun lived in the hollow of a tree.

Now imagine what it looked like: frail mother Alipia in the hollow of an old tree in the monastery courtyard. Here it is no longer a matter of saying that it is hard or uncomfortable to sleep - here it is impossible even to straighten up to its full height. And if you add the weather conditions, harsh winters, wind and snow?

Surely such experienced feats did not even bless experienced monks, but the young nun whom the apostle Peter himself brought out of prison was blessed. Only when it was unbearably cold, she was allowed to bask in the corridor of the monastery building.

Feat of foolishness and help people

After three years in the hollow, Mother Alipia was blessed on the path of foolishness. They also called the fools blessed, the people of God, because they were so indulged in the hands of God that they completely cut off their will.

Mother rejected herself so much that she even talked about herself as a man: I was, saw, served, survived ...

She spoke to many people not directly, but by some kind of parable or even, at first glance, sheer alogism. But the one to whom these words were addressed understood the meaning of reproof.

For example, three guys came to her. One of them, the nun said: "It is a sin to marry." The young man shuddered. It turns out that he was tormented by the sin of Sodom.

After the closure of the monastery in the 1960s, she lived in a lonely house in the Goloseevsky forest and regularly visited the Ascension Church at Demeevka.

Grave of mother Alipii

To hide her spiritual gifts, she “pretended to be” insane. In winter and summer she used to wear the same clothes (she always had a fur hat on her head).

But at the same time she constantly prayed, wore chains, helped people. In order not to attract too much attention to herself, she did it either during the meal, or gave the patient a special ointment. Although in fact, he healed the prayer of pious mother Alipii.

She paid special attention to alms, hospitality and prayer for the departed. In the house where she lived, many people gathered. If possible, she took everyone, fed them, and to whom it was necessary — she even helped with money. In the temple, however, often went with the bread, which was carried to the dirge.

Realized prophecies of Goloseevskaya old woman

For such sincere service to God and people, the Lord revealed much to Mother Alipia. It is difficult to collect and describe all those cases where her words or actions concerned specific people. But there are those events that influenced the lives of many. Some words still remain a mystery or are waiting for their time.

For example, the nun knew in advance about the Chernobyl disaster. Even in the winter of 1986, she repeated: "Woe is coming!" She said that she was burning underground. But she could not describe the whole mechanism of the catastrophe with words, because she had a scarce education — she could read Russian and Church Slavonic.

According to eyewitnesses, on April 25, the nun could not find a place for herself. She walked around the yard and prayed from her heart: "God, spare the people!" When the information about the disaster was still carefully concealed, on April 26 she simply advised people to close the windows tightly.

In order to protect food from radiation, I advised them to cross it with the sign of the cross and read “Our Father” and “The Virgin Mary ...”

To the sisters of the Florovsky Monastery in Kiev, she pointed to the revival of another monastic cloister, the Goloseevsky desert. That was in 1988. And in 1993, the monastery began to recover. In 2006, the old relics will be transferred to the chapel in the territory of the Goloseevsky desert.

Service on Mother's Day

God also revealed the date of her death to Mother Alipia. By chance, she asked her co-worker what day it would be October 30, 1988. As it turned out, Sunday. During the life of the nun has repeatedly stopped at this date.

The incredible facts from the life of a nun

When you read the life of a nun, Alipia Goloseevskaya, it is hard to believe that she lived in the twentieth century and died only 28 years ago.
It seems inconceivable to modern man that one can live for three years not in a comfortable apartment, but in a hollow of an old tree. Or never have a passport and registration. And this is in Soviet times!

And still my mother was against her being photographed, or especially being filmed. Therefore, in fact, one photograph of a nun and rare fragments of a video made by children have reached our time.

No one knows exactly when Mother Alipia was born. But on October 30, on the day of her death, thousands of believers come to pray at the relics of the still un canonized saint. Moreover, if the glorified saints have one day of memory, sometimes two, then Goloseevsky old women - as many as 12! Every 30th of every month. After all, believers who come to see mother wanted to thank for help or to ask for prayer.

And the variety of requests. The first are healed in diseases, the second - relief in financial matters, and the third - the resolution of infertility ... By faith and the prayers of mother, miracles do occur.

Matronushka and mother Alipiya

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Some Orthodox compare it withMatrona Moskovskaya, even calling her the second Matron or Kiev Matron. This is evidence of the profound national recognition.

Although in reality their life paths diverge in many ways. But there is also a general. Both of the righteous lived in the same godless era. Both fled, not in a desolate wilderness, but among people. Two of the righteous were shrewd, gave advice, and sometimes denounced those who came.

Today, both St. Matrona and Mother Alipii believers carry flowers and their spoiled prayers.But it unites two old women love for God, sincere service and what is called life in Christ.

This film also tells about the life of the aged Alipii:

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