Ways of child development from year


Ways of child development from year

That flew the first year of life. Looking back, mothers do not get surprised to wonder how quickly from a screaming kurk a child turned into a little researcher. He already quite confidently walks around the apartment, peeks into wardrobes and nightstands, studies their contents. The kid does not hide his delight: it turns out that there are so many curious things at home that you can touch, reach, scatter! And how many of them in the yard and in the park!

Each new item is of great interest to him. It is not by chance that experts say that it is at this time that the objective activity becomes the main activity of children.
But, of course, the development of the baby is not limited to acquaintance with objects (which you so much want to hold in your hands, to consider, and sometimes even taste). He is more and more communicating with others through words. And how nice it is for parents when new words appear in the vocabulary of their one-year-old child.


Today he learned the name of the new toy.Tomorrow he called his little brother by name. By the way, on average at this age the vocabulary of a baby is replenished daily with one word and by the next birthday there will be more than three hundred. But even if the crumb is still limited to a dozen of the same words, do not worry. Perhaps in a month the new ones will fall as if from a horn of plenty, you won’t even have time to count them.
We note two more important features of this stage.
First of all, babies at this age have a special susceptibility. For the first time, they discover for themselves the phenomena and properties of the surrounding world to which we have long been accustomed. Therefore, every day of their lives is filled with special emotionality, which, in turn, helps to firmly consolidate new knowledge and impressions, skills and abilities. At no other age will the child so easily absorb everything new, as in early childhood.

SecondlyThe children at this stage have an excellent ability to imitate. And they imitate adults with great eagerness. That is why experts believe that this age is just perfect for conducting educational games designed to help a child get an idea of ​​the world in which he lives, and teach him to use his own abilities.
Before we proceed to the examples of specific educational games for children 1 year old, carefully read the general principles and specifics of their conduct.
Enhanced security requirements are coming to the fore! Of course, you have thought about how to protect a child from any trouble. Still: baby - your main jewel. And yet, right now, mom should keep her eyes open. The child seeks to maximize his new opportunity - the ability to walk.


His life has changed radically. You no longer have to wait until mom gives him the thing he likes or carries it in her arms wherever she wants. He can move by himself! And he does it. Mom did not even have time to blink an eye - and the baby was already in another room.

However, the movements of the child are still very imperfect, because the muscles are rather weakly developed, and the coordination of movements leaves much to be desired. So take care that the space for games is properly equipped. No wires on the floor.


No corners to hurt the child. No glass doors or countertops. In short, nothing that could harm a child.
In addition, the crumb still does not understand how dangerous some of his subjects of interest can be.Therefore, when preparing allowances and toys that you will need in conducting educational games for children over 1 year old, always ask yourself if they pose a potential threat to the baby.


Think whether you can leave the child alone with this or that object, if you, for example, have to turn away for a minute? Even if a child shows an increased interest in things that contain small parts, have sharp corners or are capable of breaking - do not in any case leave them in the hands of the crumbs!

It is best to purchase special sets of didactic toys in the store. Large bright cubes of different colors, balls, pyramids, boards with holes and inserts, cups, wooden hammers with a set of pegs and other similar things will be useful to you. And also small toys (you can "finger") for story games.
Important point:The speech of an adult is already capable of influencing the behavior of a child, but so far not in all situations. Consider this feature when conducting educational games for children 1 year. Do not expect that the child, as in school, will clearly fulfill your requirements.


As a rule, one-year-old children very easily and quickly enter the game upon the command of an adult - after all, they are curious about this.You ask the child to roll the cart, put together a pyramid or bring a toy - and it instantly flashes interest in gaming activities. But it’s just as easy to finish the game for a baby as yet.
For example, you can ask your child to put cubes in a box after classes, and he will do it with pleasure. And then immediately begin to get them again. For him, the game continues! Do not scold the baby in any way.

Be patient. This is just a feature of the psyche of a one year old child. When the time comes to complete the next game session, try to switch your attention to something more interesting. For example, instead of selecting a doll, because it’s time for lunch, tell the baby: “And let's go, Lala will eat with us!” Of course, you will have to “feed” the doll and the baby.
Remember that one year old babies act impulsively. They are guided by the values ​​that have not been formed over the years, but the desires that have arisen at the moment. Perhaps you are deeply convinced that the child now needs a developmental game with a doll or with cubes.


But hardly your attempts to attract the attention of the crumbs of toys will be successful if at this moment something more interesting falls into his field of vision: for example, a mobile phone left by dad.
Therefore, the task of parents in conducting educational games for children 1 year old - to protect the child from everything that will distract him. Working radio and TV, voices in the next room or bright advertising on the computer screen - all this can attract the attention of the baby. And, of course, the mother should be very emotional, with convincing intonations in her voice, to encourage the child to play.

Finally, do not forget that the baby is not able to concentrate on this or that activity for a long time. Do not demand the impossible from him. Of course, you want to develop the child comprehensively. But this can be achieved not only by the fact that you will offer him more and more educational games for children of 1 year.


It is better to make the games are complex. For example, games on the movement can contribute to the development of speech, and the plot games can be combined with music lessons.
Plot Games
Story games should become an integral part of educational games for children 1 year. To carry them out it is necessary to have a sufficient number of appropriate toys: dolls and bears, horses and dogs. They should be placed in front of the child.And best of all in such a way that the baby can pick them up if desired.
But do not expect that the one-year-old child will start playing them himself. He needs to set an example. Take a few toys and play a small show. For example, with a bunny and a chanterelle.

Comment on your actions. "Bunny is jumping!" Jump! Jump! Good bunny! Chanterelle came running. He wants to catch a bunny. Oh no no no! Bunny scared chanterelles. Run away, bunny! The bunny ran away. ” Next time you can change the characters (for example, take a cat and a dog).
Games for boys and girls
When conducting educational games for children 1 year old it is necessary to focus on traditional toys, corresponding to the sex and age of the child.
So, in games with boys at this age, you can already use cars, boats or airplanes. True, just roll the machine on the table or play in the bathroom with the same ship the child soon get bored.


So try to make the games varied. For example, a ship can carry passengers. And the machine - to roll down the hill (pay attention to the fact that the machine goes down itself, and does not roll up itself, you need to roll it).

Girls also need to be shown exactly how to play with the dolls. For example, a mother can take a doll, comb it or feed it. At the same time, it is necessary to accompany your actions with comments, for example: “We will comb it. Like this. We will brush Everything is combed. Lala became beautiful! ”
Such games will perfectly contribute to the development of the subject activity.
Games for the development of movements
One of the most common parental mistakes is that they think: the child’s intelligence needs to be developed, and he will learn to run and jump without the help of adults himself.


But it is not. The baby needs to purposefully create opportunities for improving movements. This is extremely important in the second year of life.
Be sure to include in the complex of educational games for children 1 year old exercises that contribute to the improvement of walking, crawling, squats, etc.

The simplest games for the development of movements at this age are throwing and pushing away balls and balls, the ability to climb (on a sofa or under the table — for example, to “catch up with a runaway toy”) and climb (for example, through a sofa cushion, behind which the child “is waiting for a plush toy a dog that wants to play with him ").


Perhaps your baby will take pleasure and the opportunity to crawl under an obstacle for a toy (for this you can specially stretch the ribbon).
It is useful to walk on an inclined plane up and down. Such classes are well combined with simple rhymes that emphasize each step, for example: “I’m coming, I’m coming! I won't fall anywhere! ”You can also teach your baby to move“ like a bear ”(swaying from side to side) and“ like a bunny ”(jumping). And after a year and a half, the child is already able to step over objects (for example, cubes scattered on the floor).
Remember about the excellent ability of the kid to imitate. Be sure to include in the complex of lessons games like “do as I do”.
Music games
Surely you have repeatedly included the child records of lullabies, children's songs and excerpts from classical works. Why not combine listening to your favorite tunes with story games or movement development games? After all, music is fast and slow, fun and sad.

Under the merry music, plush bunnies can “jump and have fun in the meadow”. And under the sad you can, together with your child, gently shake your arms, raised above your head.

You can teach a child to clap to the beat of the music.Or beat the rhythm with the help of hammers. Of course, for the time being, the crumb cannot yet fall in tact. It will take some time before he succeeds. And all you can try to start now.
And, of course, give the baby the opportunity to move to the music. Show him an example, dance at a slow and fast pace - and invite him to dance with you. Of course, there is no question of learning any dance moves.

Games for exploring the world and developing speech
These exercises are recommended to regularly include in the complex of educational games for children 1 year. Kids want to learn more and more new words. They are interested in what their subjects are called. But, of course, in the second year of life, they still cannot ask about it using speech. Therefore, point at the subject of interest with your finger.


Be sure to encourage the curiosity of the crumbs! Show how glad you are to his question: “What a fine fellow! The kid pointed at the bunny! This is a bunny! ”If you regularly show your approval, the child will be more and more interested in the names of objects.

Introduce the child with such concepts as cold - warm, smooth - fluffy, dark - light, etc. For example, let him touch the cup with warm tea and say: "The cup is warm."And then - with cold water: “And this one is cold. Cold cup. Fix this material the next day by substituting the baby’s pen under a stream of water and commenting on what is happening accordingly: “The water is warm and warm. Oh! Cold! And warm again! ”
During the walk you should not demand from the child that he should not touch anything and “throw out the byaka”. Let him touch the grass, the leaves, the bark of the tree (just make sure that dirty hands do not end up in the mouth after that, carry a supply of wet wipes with you). Speak the names of all the items that interest the baby: “This is grass. This is a leaf. This is a tree".
Talk to the baby. Call, comment, explain. And remember: the baby is going through a unique period. And you have a unique opportunity to influence its development.

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  • Ways of child development from year

    Ways of child development from year

    Ways of child development from year

    Ways of child development from year

    Ways of child development from year

    Ways of child development from year

    Ways of child development from year

    Ways of child development from year

    Ways of child development from year

    Ways of child development from year

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