Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

Peter Karpov

Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

On October 21, the world cheerfully noted ... that same day where Marty McFly moved from the film Bestseller "Back to the Future." What is not a reason to remember the legendary cars in the movie? That's just with the very "time machine" and begin!

DeLorean DMC-12

Film: Back to the Future
Feature: Fast Bankruptcy Company

Thanks to the enthusiast John DeLorean, not the most legendary car in the cinema appeared - but, at least, left its rather bright mark on history. Bearing body from maestro Giorgetto Giugiaro, composite materials and stainless steel, a purpose-built factory in Northern Ireland (!), And in the future - the engine from the Corvette. It could potentially be a hit. The reality was much more cruel.

"Back to the Future"

Production started later, the build quality was low - mass returns of cars became the norm. The engine from the "Corvette" was never delivered: the companies did not agree among themselves. As a result, they installed another gasoline engine, almost three-liter, with a consumption of 17 liters per 100 km, it accelerated the car from zero to a hundred in ten and a half seconds, but the maximum speed did not reach 200 km / h.Then John DeLorean was in prison on a trumped-up drug case, and the company simply collapsed due to huge debts.

The appearance of the car in the film “Back to the Future” by Robert Zemekin as a time machine also did not radically correct the situation - the company in 1985 was already breathing its last. Is that almost 2,000 cars, which stood in the warehouses, were sold to fans. In 2008 they were going to revive the brand - with the help of small-scale production, at a price of about 60 thousand dollars. But it didn’t go beyond a few copies. However, many old “DeLorians” are still on the move - the body is alive.

Aston Martin DB5

Films: Bondiana (Goldfinger, Tomorrow Never Dies, Ball Lightning, Casino Royale)
Feature: The Magic Power of Marketing

Another legendary car in the cinema is the James Bond car. Her Majesty's superspy needs a four-wheel unit that matches the status. Although in the book of Ian Fleming, Bond had a car older. However, the Aston Martin DB5 just rolled off the assembly line in 1963, and, in general, it quickly became clear that a slight transformation would occur with the car in the films. The decision turned out to be correct.

Vintage Sean Connery

The legendary car in the cinema was lit up in full - four films by Bond - from the 70s (“Goldfinger” and “Fireball”) to the 90s (“Tomorrow will never die”) and “zero” - “Casino Royale”. In principle, it is not surprising - such a beauty with a four-liter 300-horsepower engine (and using the integrated Weber carburetors it was possible to remove even more “horses”), accelerating after modifications six and a half seconds from zero to a hundred (and this is half a century ago!) And With a top speed of about 250 km / h, you can still shoot now.

Stylish Daniel Craig

But it seems that the next cars in the James Bond films will be the new Aston Martin - the DBS has appeared in the Quantum of Solace, although the classic modification of the DB9 is most likely the heir of the legendary car. Unless, of course, writers with directors do not invent something new. Why not? Was there a “submarine” at the Lotus base at Her Majesty’s super agent? Perhaps we should expect the appearance of James and some fashionable electric cars?

Peugeot 406

Movies: Taxi (parts 1-3)
Feature: "wolf in sheep's clothing"

Cars in the films can be subjected to deep alterations and adventurous adventure comedies with a Marseille taxi driver - a vivid example.Peugeot 406 - a simple family sedan, or a utilitarian workhorse - has suddenly become a real racing car!

Charged Marseilles Taxi

An amazing transformation, of course: it would be even more amusing to see in this role only the Renault Espace minivan. Nevertheless, the French charged sedan on highways and highways rather successfully resisted both the German 190th "gelding", decorated in the best traditions of the DTM, and the Japanese Mitsubishi Lancer, which also had a much more significant racing background.

Ford Falcon XB GT

Movie: Mad Max
Feature: “translation difficulties”

In the United States and Europe, the Ford Falcon modest family sedan was produced by the conveyor method. And in Australia, this very “Falcon” has become, as it happened, “Mustang itself!” Modification of The Pursuit Special or V8 Interceptor is a real maslkar from the second homeland of Mel Gibson.

Auto-hero in "Mad Max"

Mad Max is a trilogy that led Gibson to Hollywood. Ford Falcon XB GT V8 Interceptor is an eight-cylinder unit of 5.8 liters. And how much power could be removed from it depended on the skill of the mechanics who installed turbines with superchargers there. But this legendary car can go very fast. And very, very noisy. Appearance is also appropriate.Not a monstrous “auto Frankenstein” - a Tatra truck with two motors and terrifying wheels - but also quite a formidable one.

Citroen DS 21

Films: French cinema ("Fantômas", a series about a gendarme with Louis de Funes, "The Fugitives", "Farewell, Friend" and not only).
Features: Extra Aesthetics and Charm

From Australian brutality to French grace. It was not for nothing that Citroen DS was called the “goddess” almost immediately after the demo cover was pulled off the car. Naturally, the legendary car in the cinema simply could not shine: it went on Fantômas! Well, not only traveled, and sometimes flew, and moved along the water surface.

Just "Fantomasmobil"

The representative French sedan drove not only President Charles de Gaulle, but also comedian Louis de Funes - and it is not known yet who was more popular at that time. And from the “goddesses” the most flashing car in the films was a modification of the DS 21 - with a 2.1-liter engine and a wonderful air suspension. Well, the design of the car, of course, also served as a separate source of inspiration for directors and cameramen.

GAZ-21 Volga

Movies: "Beware of the car", "The Diamond Arm", "Black Lightning"
Feature: films about cars not in the last roles were in the USSR

The legendary car in the cinema was in the USSR - the first, or rather the “twenty-first” Volga fairly lit up in the Diamond Hand, and in Three Poplars on Plyushchikha, and in several films more modest. Nevertheless, this was quite enough for the phrase “Who ordered a taxi to Dubrovka?” To go to the people.

Taxi to Dubrovka

Well, the song "Tenderness", performed even in the not very best from the point of view of the acoustics of the salon "Volga", also sunk into the soul. And before that there was “Beware of the car” - perhaps the first Soviet film about cars and their role in human destiny.

"Black Lightning"

It is all the more surprising that GAZ-21 became also the Russian “Batmobile”, and a slightly belated “answer to Fantômas” too: in other words, “Volga” also flew in the movie “Black Lightning”. Not the most obvious choice, of course, but the Soviet auto industry was not very rich either. Unless "Victory" would look as an alternative. And that is not a fact.

Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Eleanor

Film: “Gone in 60 Seconds”
Feature: Drive as it is

One of the best scenes of pursuit in films for the entire short history of cinema is considered to be a nearly ten-minute episode from the old American film “Bullitt”.Two uterine roaring maslkar - Dodge Charger and "Mustang" - in every way violate the speed limit on the narrow city streets, tirelessly creating emergency situations.

Desired "Eleanor"

Until the “Fast and Furious” series appeared, they did not film “Thirst for Speed,” and, of course, the “Gone in 60 Seconds” megablockbuster did not come out. If your partner is the legendary Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 of 1967, or just Eleanor, it’s easy and pleasant to work on the set. Nicolas Cage was probably glad to sit in a cult car - the creation of maestro Carol Shelby.

“Gone in 60 seconds”

The legendary car, which, in fact, is a “spherical mask in vacuum” - powerful, fast, sharp and bold. And, of course, he wants to steal even not in 60 seconds, but much earlier.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

Movies: Fast and Furious
Feature: racing car on city streets

The Japanese can boast of their legendary car in the cinema - and this is not the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, its eternal "friend-rival" Subaru Impreza or the charged Toyota Supra (and here a little sorry - a decent machine), or Mazda rotary-piston sports cars. Not! In fact, there is a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and all the others, one floor below.

Legendary racing "Japanese"

Cars in the "Fast and the Furious" - a cult TV series for auto-assembly (and try to argue!) Are certainly wonderful - bright colors, powerful engines, nitrous oxide as a matter of course.But the main character knowingly chose the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 - the most charged modification, a four-wheeled deity for drift and street racing fans, a real racing car, which was banned at one time in some European countries. On the tracks - no question, on public roads - no, no, we do not need accidents.

"Fast and Furious" by Paul Walker

More than a dozen speed records and only 75 thousand dollars - the price in stock. And you can improve its dynamics indefinitely. By the tenth, hundredth and thousandths of a second.

Austin mini cooper

Movies: “The Bourne Identity”, “Italian-style Robbery”, “Mr. Bean”
Feature: legendary car

Another legendary car in the cinema! Straight from the English streets. And not only streets, and not only English ones: the nimble Mini Cooper can be found at any time of the year on all continents (except Antarctica, of course).

Mr Bean on the roof

The little machine, which is not surprising, was also telegenic. The role of “cars in the movies” is exactly about the British small car.

Jason Bourne Machine

It was quite easy to shoot any scene with her: from the comedy sketches of “Mr. Bean” (yes, he did have a few “Minikov”) to the characteristic episodes in “The Bourne Identity” or the chase scene in “The Italian Job”. By the way, according to the dynamics, it is absolutely not inferior to the pursuit in “Bullitt”.

Peugeot 403

Film: Colombo
Feature: car-arthouse

It also happens that cars in the movie get outwardly inconspicuous, and even frankly strange. With modest technical characteristics, without charisma, and even the coloring leaves much to be desired. And it is logical that when viewing the question arises: and, actually, how did the car appear in the film?

Peter Falk at the wheel

The French coupe Peugeot 403 in the television series about the adventures of the wise Lieutenant Colombo is just such an example. Thirteen seasons, almost seven dozen episodes, stretched, albeit intermittently, for thirty-five years (1968-2003).

Maestro and his car

Perhaps the directorial and screenwriting group specifically picked up just such a machine for Peter Falk, who played a very unusual policeman. An intellectual cop who immediately understands who the criminal is and who is already playing cat and mouse with him. Perhaps a low-power French coupe with a claim for style and a tented roof is an element of the image. As well as worn boots and a low-key coat. If so, then it’s worth taking your hat off.

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  • Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

    Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

    Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

    Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

    Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

    Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

    Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

    Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

    Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

    Top 10: Legendary cars in the movie

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