Revelation to the woman from God about the last times. Part 2

Revelation to the woman from God about the last times. Part 2

We publish the 2 part of the text recorded on the published audio recordings, with the words N. Record tape, posted on the Internet in 2015. Next will be the story of a woman about the visions of the Third World War, the arrival of the Antichrist, natural disasters and the Last Judgment.

Development Scenarios of Russia

Three scenarios of Russia's development were shown, the more people sinned, the greater the consequences.

The first option was shown that Gorbachev could have been instructed, overnight, just like me: he would have realized that even his wife was ill precisely because of the collapse of the country. He loved her very much, she was dying in her arms from cancer, as I was shown, he suffered, looking as she fades away. If he had been given power, he would have tried to change everything, it was the most benign option for Russia. He could return the contributions of people, that our country would be revived. Chinese things were also not needed - we have wonderful people, we just need to be given an opportunity, and the land would be tilled, and ears would be eaten.Three variants showed the Third World War, it is inevitable ... From the first class they taught Orthodoxy, from the first class there would have been military training for children, everyone would know perfectly well that the Third World War is inevitable. For the sins of all mankind allowed. Our country would be a strong power, prepared, equipped in a military sense. But foreigners would have killed him, he would have known, would have voluntarily gone for it.

Another scenario is shown that there could be a civil war, provoked by the communists. There will be a processing of public opinion, gasoline will not be poured into a plane, they will say that this was not the case in the USSR. The authorities will notice all the failures, they will make an elephant out of a fly. As a result, if there will be a bad year ... In my opinion, if my memory does not fail, winter was without snow, frost 40 degrees, snow like semolina, it fluttered from one place to another ... If the communists start to take weapons, then the diversion will because, as in 1991, it was with food. It was the month of August, I was shown how I myself would live. The coup was carried out when the State Duma was on vacation. The month of November already drunken men killed Chubais, Nemtsov and others whom they considered privatization unjust guilty by mob, an already angry mob killed.Harassment of journalists, scientists, persecution. It will not please the Lord. The whole country will be covered with blood. This is not an option, it is a dead end.

It was shown: two brothers are sitting at the table, defending their idea, to the insanity of the mind. He takes a knife, a cleaver from the table, and strikes. Then he cries, howls over the corpse, the fever has already passed, and life can’t be returned - and it will be all over Russia if we take up arms. There will be cholera and plague and an incurable flu. Thousands will mow down. Then, when everyone is full, they go to their apartments, there will be looting, cannibalism, even neighbors who were jealous that they live richer, they themselves will say: “Go to them, they have something to profit”, will show the marauders where to go. The girl, to whom the marauders have come, will knock at the apartments, nobody will let them go. She will knock on me, I will commemorate her. This girl will not be searched for me, and in the morning I will let her go so that no one sees.

Before this war, there was some kind of amnesty, a diamond one, all the goons would be released from prisons. Before this war, icons were crying, bleeding, cutting crosses in Russia, desecrating altars. There will be an outlaw currency after the coup, the counters will be empty, it will be done on purpose.There will be a ruble, the article “Currency operations” will appear, all dollars will become candy wrappers, many who were big bosses will become beggars, and even this will not endure and will be hung up. Chilly autumn, will be on TV to transmit: still hanged himself, still hanged himself ... The reason for these events, that people now rushed to raise money, completely forgot God. The Lord will tear off a little from the earthly. During these distemper there were two-meter fires from holy books - this is allowed for the fact that people fussed, only making money, all in a hurry. When navoyuyutsya, will choose who will rule the country. They will collect signatures in their apartments, and 90% will sign for the Communists. Now the communists go to the temples, but then they will introduce 10 years for the religious propaganda, persecutions and exchanges just started, again they betrayed for fear of their family. The first exiled Orthodox were for the faith. The needles will be driven into my fingers, so that I say that there is no God. We sent firewood to the Tver region, it’s good that the first exiles are Orthodox, we will pray. The guards were sorry for us, they are unbelievers, they let us rest on logs. But there were also such ones, I remember one woman, they sent me, she was all out, who was a believer, she was compassionate with me, then she reported everything to the authorities. Zhandarova Nina from Astrakhan region.Then she will receive such repentance, she will refuse to do her job, although she will destroy thousands of people. She was killed and she avoided hell. This is how the Lord is Merciful to us. We were first in exile, were happy, and those who betrayed, did not trust in the Lord, then they were touched in even worse shape. They were thrown to criminals by the scorns, as they scoffed at, the guards were already unbelted, raped women, some could not stand, were hung up. Under communism, the same persecution and interception was total, for all of 10 years: for religious propaganda - 10 years, for distributing pornography - 10 years, for stealing - 10 years ... Yes, they put things in order, only with what blood. As a result, the bloody country, again the iron curtain, will envy those who went to go abroad, will close the border, abroad will also not be sweet. All investments from foreigners in Russia will be stung, they will become very angry with us, that the country is rebellious, unpredictable, they will all rebel against us. And when the whole country was exsanguinated after these terrible repressions, no one leaves the house, the ban, sit at the table at home, drink tea, the family discusses what they promised one thing, and what they got - and the car immediately approaches the entrance, and the whole family without trial and investigation. It will just be listened to the whole apartment, all the equipment at the level of fiction.As a result, they will be shot without trial. Everyone will be happy with power, even in a whisper will be afraid to say. As a result, the bloodless country will enter the Third World War. The worst scenario, worse than the 37th year.

Another variant. They called me and said that the card you were talking about appeared. A chip card will be entered. The Lord warned her not to take her. This, of course, is not the seal of the antichrist, but Sacred Paisius (in 94 he rested) said: “The fire is on, if a person does not extinguish during the fire, all that remains is to cry about the lost house”. It is clear that these are links of one chain. I don’t remember about the INN, and when people talk, I personally don’t remember about the INN, it’s clear that what’s coming now is links in one chain, that the world government is preparing its own system of total control. As it was shown that this card will have a chip, and there will not only be our entire data, information about us. Previously, there were no movie cameras everywhere, then even there were no movie cameras in the houses, the beginning of 94, as now video surveillance in the subway, we could not imagine such a thing for ourselves. It has been shown that these times will or may be,and the fact that it is a swamp color card that is introduced is small, with a chip, but the worst thing is ... Okay - total control, okay - video surveillance, which, in fact, will be fully controlled through this card ... For example, I do not do anything illegal, well and look at your health, the only thing is unpleasant, when, you imagine, you go to the shower, and they will look at you from all sides - it is not pleasant, especially for an Orthodox person. The whole trouble is that this, as the Lord has shown, is already interfering in the holy of holies, in the human soul, that this card will have a wave weapon, overwhelming the human will.

Cards, chips, "six" and their consequences

The Lord showed me what would happen if I took this card. Initially, the police were renamed, then there would be several explosions, and in order to combat terrorism, a state of emergency was declared in the country, and they obliged everyone to carry cards without fail - they replaced the passport in Russia, and the person would be controlled through the Glanas satellite system. Airships in the Moscow Region hung, the argument was such that it was a viewing of the territory from fires, to observe the ecology,and find a criminal; unique equipment in these airships, they are big, rather big, 4-5 m, I don’t remember about Moscow anymore. At first, the signal from the satellite will go to the airships, and then to the card, to the chip, and the person’s real-time viewing will be completely, the personality will be suppressed, the wave pressure will go. They checked the documents without fail, all of a sudden you are a terrorist, and if you don’t have a card, you were taken to the police, I told that to many people. Everywhere there was literally a check of documents, every 15 minutes, for some reason the police were quite aggressive, angry, nervous. The state really was like a boiled amoeba, depression of will, despondency, indifference to everything. The Lord showed me if I lost heart and take this card, that it is no longer pleasing to God; there was an impact on the soul of man. People were afraid to lose it in panic, then they were taken to the police, problems with the authorities arose, if you are a terrorist. Suppose I wanted to leave (I was so hard, depressed), I wanted to go to pray in a monastery near Moscow, where my soul once was good, my soul felt grace, the world - and no one could leave Moscow, everything was tough.I will have to go to the police, write a statement, necessarily impose a resolution, allowed or not, but they seem to be allowed. I went there, too, did not find peace of mind, I went out into the forest, just to be alone, it was so hard for the soul, you stand and cry: “Why did I take this card,” and I am being watched through a dirigible, a radio signal or a wave goes, I don’t know as it is correctly called, they see me from all sides through my card in real time, and how your hair got knocked out, and how the blouse got knocked out from under the jacket. There is a wave effect (psychotropic weapon) on the psyche; this, of course, is at the level of fiction equipment. I should have noted that I came. In all major cities it was not possible to enter or leave the city without this card.

The people who dragged in order to take this card or not, saw what the consequences were, seeing the state of mind of the people next to them, they began to realize that they did not need it. Since without a card it was impossible to get out, as shown, one man asked forgiveness from God, the Mother of God, praying tearfully, asking for help. A patrol is going on at night, he has practically reached this man, then suddenly they thought there was something suspicious, they were leaving right in front of him, then he was going to another tree.And so, with a tearful prayer, people left Moscow. If Russia accepts this card, then the Lord would allow the Third World War earlier. After that, there will be two documents of some kind that are criminally responsible, and the one who takes this card, as I now understand it in our time, cannot refuse the next two. Atmospheric pressure will torment people, many will die from this, especially the elderly will not withstand. By the unbelief of people, evil spirits will appear under the guise of aliens, people will believe in aliens; they are egg-shaped on three legs, they will cure people, they will invite to be treated, they, as it were, have supernormal abilities. People will come out of these booths, will pay with their immortal soul, they will be like zombies.

In nature, there will be failures. In one day + 40С, -40С, snow, rain, there will be black leaves on the trees. There will be terrible crop failures. Of course, you need to make food stocks. Along the Ural Mountains in Russia will be earthquakes. Floods and landslides and drought will be. Winter will come later, in July there will be snow. MOE will not have time, the people will demand that they take action. But nothing can be done.There will be a period of powerlessness in the country, no one wants to take on such responsibility, because there will be a failure. The fruits of the madness of people. At first, two earthquakes were terrible, then at 4 in the morning Japan just settled into the ocean, like a spinning funnel. Who survived from the Japanese, who were in other countries, on business trips, their eyes widened in horror. This first was a disaster.

Third world war

Before the Third World War there will be a parade of planets, before that there will be civil wars, namely America, two-faced, as the Lord himself called, “perfidious”, hypocritical country, instigator of all wars in recent times on the planet, what exactly it will provoke. It is governed by bankers, Jews, masons from Israel. This country is a diagnosis, regardless of who rules it, this country is pursuing an aggressive policy and parasitizes other countries. Not recognizing God Messiah (this tragedy of the Jewish people) sincerely believe the Jews, not calling the Son of God, and to this day remain in Judaism, they sincerely believe that the Messiah will come to a world that will enslave all nations, they are preparing for him the way. And we all know that this, of course, is not the Messiah, the Lord has already come.One will come that is not the Messiah at all. They will need the Third World as air to drive the Messiah. Make him the ruler of the whole world. This is the antichrist, the false messiah. Before the Third World, as a cauldron, the land from the civil wars spun. It all starts with the Arabs. The Third World War will begin with Yugoslavia, it will be bombed by NATO, that it is an Orthodox country, and this has already happened. Further Iraq, they will not find any weapons there, Americans will search, it’s just necessary to ignite the war on the planet. And the Lord Jesus Christ wept what the American soldiers did with the children, with the old men. Although they are Muslims. Iran, Arab countries - everything will be at the behest of America, civil wars will be held around the world. It will smoothly flow into the Third World War, first deal with the Arabs, then they will deal with Russia. I had a blessing to tell it, and that I would be a nun.

Then it was shown: before the Third World will be a parade of planets, I can not say how much time passed between these events. People will come out to watch, but in fact the Lord will build planets, the luminaries will expose to show - insanity begins, what people will do, brother will kill his brother, ascended from pride, selfishness, pride, divorces in families and division of countries.In Russia, every governor wants to become a separate principality, and not only will the union break up, dismember Russia. This will weaken the entire state. The historical mistake was already in Russia. Civil strife And Mamai attacked because she was weak. Until recently, we will have some water, a little bit of land, but it will produce a harvest. Before terrible times, all the spirit-bearing elders will go to the Lord by their death. The Lord will take them all from the earth. An old man was shown, I can’t say, on Mount Athos or somewhere in the Caucasus - he is not Caucasian, he is so exhausted, he repeated the feat of Mary of Egypt ... he sacrificed himself completely for the sake of prayer for the whole world, he endures everything: heat and heat and cold, he wove a fishing net and he prays over the precipice for the whole night, so that there was no Third World War. He hides, does not appear to people, the Lord says: "For his feat, for the sake of his prayers, you are sinners dear," and about me as well. The Lord even bows his ear to his prayer precisely for this feat. And when he dies, the global Third World War will begin.But before that, it was at the suggestion of the Jewish freemasons from America that they would pull the bridge to Athos to defile Athos, for which the Lord would allow the Third World War. Although it has already begun with Yugoslavia, people have not yet understood. The United States will face North and South Korea, as a result, they will use nuclear weapons.

Then, I remember well, unfortunately, the Third World War was in all three scenarios. We will impose her. In Russia, the army will not be ready. The seizure of Russia is being conducted very systematically, all the republics will split off, they will all join the NATO bloc, they will all betray us, they will begin with Uzbekistan. They will be lured with sweet rolls, as if they are smeared with honey, and as a result they will create such conditions - they do not need people, the earth will need, in fact, a reservation, everything will be done so that the local population dies out, they will not be allowed to reunite with Russia, although they would have been glad, and their elbows would bite. In the NATO block technology at the level of fiction. Huge losses will be. The plans of all this were shown - to attack Russia; I think, seismic shifts will come from the Pacific, a nuclear missile will be launched from the NATO base to Russia, there will be a hardware failure. The young officers stood near the console, stood, joked, there was calm, the officer himself would be amazed that the rocket was gone, the seismic movement in the ocean was.And of course, the answer will go rockets. We are allowed this war for our sins, for abortion. Many years later, I learned that every good citizen pays taxes, and out of that money comes money to pay for abortions. It turns out that this is satanic slyness, which means the whole country is guilty of killing babies in the womb.

All countries, even though they agree with us, everyone is afraid and listen to the United States, we have no allies. The Lord swore in anger: if the United States begins the Third World War, it will be destroyed by an asteroid. In 2004, they saw an asteroid flying over them. And in the beginning they will try to split it together with Russia, but it will not work.

And the man who also dreamed of a dream-vision in America one day with me, he is a patriot of the motherland, will warn about everything, he is much more active than me, he knows about my existence, he is laughing at my indecision. He is a very good man, and as a result he will start to annoy his knowledge with the government, they will remove him before the Third World War, he will become a martyr - I was shown this.

For 200 years of technical progress (the Lord showed from above), the sky is already brown, it turns out that it was impossible to use oil products, soaked up the sky with soot, and coal is also harmful to the atomosphere, oil is poured on the ground. The ground is clogged.People like termites, whole islands of plastic cans, they have not decomposed for thousands of years. "What I have created a beautiful land, into what you and yourself turned it." The greenhouse effect is not from people - this is a lie, 90% of the greenhouse effect is created by plants, terrible changes are taking place in the atmosphere, ozone holes are made, because of this, skin cancer, a strong allergy. It will be such a terrible blow by an asteroid to the lower part of North America that North and South America will go under water in a flash.

They showed that entire fields in Russia were filled with slain ones, and my nephews are also there, martyrs will go, wash themselves with their sins, they will go to the seventh heaven. So many will be dead people.

It is shown, Adam and Eve, they are like angels, we are, indeed, their descendants. They love us like children. And the old man, who is praying for the whole world, he saw with his spiritual eye what the Lord showed me, he looked at me so sternly, sternly, like a sinner, that he deserved. The great cup of the wrath of the Lord was overflowing with abominations, with all the created people, when it was splashed out of all kinds of calamities on the earth, tsunamis and earthquakes occurred. When I prayed, "Lord, do not allow it,"when it all pours out on the ground - there will be such calamities and wars ... In comparison with Adam and Eve, how much we have failed. We have like a mask on the face of passions, vices. I just took horror. And it was said: what to call a modern person an animal is already an insult to an animal, so much so that we have been indignant, we are creating such sins that wordless animals do not do that.

Climate change and cataclysm

So everything is wisely arranged by God: rain poured, then evaporation goes, then into rivers, into springs - everything is interconnected with each other. Where necessary, there are ice, there are lithospheric plates, glaciers lie like paper clips on lithospheric plates. And people brought the mechanism of global climate change (atomic tests, Chernobyl), as a result of Antarctica, we will lose snow caps. Now scientists themselves are sounding the alarm: glaciers are melting. We will lose them. As a result, there will be heat on the planet. Lithospheric plates will be shaking to walk, there will be earthquakes, the earth will crack at the seams. Rising ocean levels. Australia will be flooded. There will be a change inside the earth, the miners will die, some gas will come from the bowels of the earth. It drains everything.Formed huge voids, especially here in Russia. It is harmful to live on high floors, people will be ill, die, the pressure will rise, they themselves will not know what they are dying from. Seismic motions on earth are being created. Because of this gas, which will emanate, the metro in Moscow will be completely flooded, and before that there will be the smell of sewage for several days. But people still need to earn money, feed families, as a result there will be a lot of victims. It turns out that we have an underground river chained, there will be a weekday - there will be many victims, Moscow will lose the metro.

The city of St. Petersburg was flooded, at dawn, the Gulf of Finland spread in early spring, also at 4 in the morning. The explosion on the Black Sea, some gases were going. In my opinion, there was an Olympiad, because foreigners suffered. Global mistake to pull the South Stream through the Black Sea. There will be a depressurization of the pipe. So blows, and even more will be some kind of gases. Then Australia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Cuba, England will be submerged gradually submerged. The land will completely change its appearance. Scientists have no knowledge. You can not fly a spaceship, burn heavenly cover. Airplane is also impossible.From Siberia and the Far East planes will explode like crackers, changes will be in the atmosphere. Burn out forests throughout the world. Near-Earth space has been polluted by people with satellites, satellites will fall and even kill people. Scientists will be so wise with the products to increase their shelf life, which coincides with the prophecy of the Holy Blessed Matron: all of the products will be harmful to health. Any apple will be deadly harmful. And with meat, too, they will be wise, at the genetic level there will be changes in the body. I saw how my relatives would suffer, they vomited so much. The whole sea of ​​fresh water will be poisoned - Lake Baikal, the combine will fall there. And now in the world lack of fresh water. Abroad, there will be crop failures; the Lord will warn them that they have gone into comfort. Because of the fraud, the US will lure our grain for a penny. And if Russia will help them, we will act as opponents of God's providence, because The Lord wanted to make them understand, so that they would remember their Creator, and therefore crop failures would be allowed in our country. We have thousands will die of hunger. The Lord allowed me to meet people who were under the Government, they did not hear me. Very bitter.I have been telling all these years. It is also a mistake to join the WTO, but we will be obliged to pay for these obligations.

There was the first Chechen war (autumn 1994), there will be a second Chechen war, even worse than the first. The young guys who died in this war were also not instructed in the faith, grew up in times of disbelief, they didn’t go to this war themselves, they were sworn in, they wash themselves with their own blood, those who were killed are martyrs.

  • Russia has a narrow path, but for our sins - for abortion, for depravity, for drug addiction - we, as an Orthodox country, should, on the contrary, bear an example. There may be terrible events. There is this way. But even the saints are forbidden to tell us about this, we can find this way through tearful repentance. Hope is not lost. The main thing is that we ourselves should think about our life, our behavior, what we carry into the world, how we treat nature, others, our loved ones with our relatives with words, words can be killed and words can be saved, words can give rise to aggression, even wars on interpersonal misunderstandings of the rulers of countries occur.

Before the Third World War, very, very many people died, did not even have time to read the funeral.Before the Third World War, America will push North Korea and South Korea, they will use nuclear weapons. Borders will be opened, there will be disasters from blacks, Russia will be flooded, the climate will change, they will be very hot at the equator. They will be humble at first, then they will be such scumbags, they will create lawlessness. These bandits. On the eve of the Third World War, the antichrist was put at the head of the European Union, we will begin to change the faith, unite the faith: at first temples will roll over, even TV sets will stand in the temples, the crosses will be removed — panic will fear the cross, in panic, that the crosses were hung, ”and the star of David will be set. In these temples will not go to anything. There has already been a thaw, and it will be shown on all TVs, even if a very old TV from the 60s, maybe there is no outlet, this coincides with the prophecy of Lawrence of Chernigovsky - the TV will turn on itself. And the antichrist will be shown on all televisions, and whoever sees him — will be deceived, will not be able to resist him.

The Resurrection of Seraphim of Sarov

But before this was the resurrection of Seraphim of Sarov, he will tell everything,tell the true story of Russia, completely tell the whole truth. He will put even Orthodox priests on a cart with love. There was still television on the planet, crowds of people were there, foreigners will arrive, they will show on TV that Rev. Seraphim of Sarov, who has already died, has risen to the truth. Because of this, and called marvelous, Diveevo. There will be a sermon of repentance, they will show it, he will not oppose to be filmed, many foreigners will take pictures, shoot, it is Orthodoxy that is the true faith on earth, many will stop believing in the resurrection of the dead, and see the resurrection. There will be the shortest period of the dawn of Orthodoxy, everyone will be convinced that the old man Seraphim of Sarov has really resurrected. Orthodoxy will be preached throughout the world. Those foreigners who will be in the preaching of Seraphim of Sarov, they will all be baptized in Orthodoxy. Then he will tell all about the antichrist completely. Then, when Father Seraphim is sad, after the world repentance after about 4 years to rest again before the second coming of the Lord, those foreigners who have heard his sermon, no one will recognize the antichrist, they will be killed for it.We have several people in Russia, the Lord will also show them, like me, that the true Orthodox faith, that indeed Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

As long as there is no split, the Symbol of Faith in the temple is not changed, while the Eucharist is celebrated - one must receive communion How important this is, frequent confession is a cleansing of the soul from filth, if it fell, then we must repent, we still have time. When a person repents informally, then invisibly the Angel erases sins, and the evil spirit cries with howls, because they did not have the result of their work on the destruction of the soul. We are all inclined to sin. When a person repented sincerely, lamented about them heartily and asked the Lord to help mend, He is so Merciful, even if at death a person really forgives everything. When the final judgment comes, no one judges the sins in which you sincerely repented, no one sees them, only the soul knows about them and repents of these sins. How important is the sacrament of confession and repentance.

More about World War III

You can not believe European countries, they fear the United States as a strong country. There is a plan "Pizza", developed by the CIA: the country is absorbed into pieces, it was tried on the example of Afghanistan.NATO blocks, countries - they will not oppose the United States, and we have no one to hope for. And as Alexander III said: "Our allies are the army and navy." Uzbekistan will be the first to join Uzbekistan, and then all the CIS countries.

There will be collusion between America and China: in the beginning they will occupy territory without a fight, as is happening now in the Far East, Siberia will gradually be occupied. As a result, those who do not want to accept Buddhism will be killed. When the Chinese reach the Ural Mountains, as they say, “the appetite comes with eating,” they will want more. Since our country will be weakened, in my opinion, it will be on rearmament, it will not be ready for war. They will treacherously attack us, as in the war of 1941. It was thought out, a very well planned operation.

In the middle of the Third World War, America will be destroyed by an asteroid. After that, the water will immediately leave the planet. In the depths of all the same there are dinosaurs, they survived. Vegetation will begin to dry up, than they ate at the bottom of the ocean, they will get out and devour people from starvation. Animals will rise on people.

From the civil war will smoothly flow into the Third World War, people with such insatiability will kill each other, so the Lord vowed to destroy this perfidious country, America.The war was the extermination of peoples around the planet, just a few people will remain. Even when the asteroid crashed into America, the Lord wanted to bring people to their senses, to come to their senses, but people continued to fight and kill each other by inertia. Some were real insanity. In our country, precisely from the dismemberment in the province, on our territory, we will be divided by the Americans and the Chinese. The temples and houses were reequipped, the roofs of houses under Chinese, green dragons with their tongues stuck out were put on the roof. Then stretched out like bells through the tongue, and they drove people to worship to this dragon, they drove them by force. NATO bases were in the monasteries.

In war, when they die for their homeland, as for their neighbors - this is so great for God, souls went to the seventh heaven, the Lord even denounced me when I sobbed: "Lord, do not allow these disasters, do not allow." That the Lord called me insane: “What are you crying about the perishable body, like about the thing that lies on the ground, and not whether you should rejoice for them, that they washed their sins (who grew up in disbelief, fornication, drank, smoked ).

Two angels carried jubilant souls, brought up to the seventh heaven.When the fallen angels were seduced by a sly spirit, were overthrown from paradise and their abodes were freed, these martyrs would take their places.

The museum will be rebuilt on Poklonnaya Hill, and in the middle of the Third World War, the heat was already on the planet, in my opinion, by this time there will be no winters, and that I will go and look for a fountain. When I had a dream, it was still not built, only in the year 98 the fountains were completed, in 2000 - Poklonnaya Gora, in honor of the memory of those killed in World War II. The whole Kutuzov Avenue ... It was what a bacteriological, nuclear weapon had to be used - that all the houses stood, the Triumphal Arch - and not a single person and not a single bird in the sky, a dead city without people. A man was walking, looking for people, a man was searching for a man, we went to meet each other with such joy. Especially in big cities, now we are tired of such a crowd of people, in the subway at rush hour they are irritatingly pushing each other, everyone who lives in Moscow knows this state of intolerable, overcrowded city. When the city was empty, we were glad that the person saw the person, we embraced and wept.

I was shown that I was next to the soldiers, they cooked porridge: porridge cooked and immediately sour, immediately goes out in the pot. This is a strong radiation.After the people fought, the units remained; we in Russia had the appearance of Archangel Michael, who frightened the Chinese, they would even accept Orthodoxy, many. And there was a voice from the sky that would announce the Orthodox Tsar. If the Lord now revealed his name, that is, who would have killed him, who in Russia absolutely do not want a spiritual revival, a monarchy, the Lord would save him to the last by a miracle. It was forbidden to talk about him, but the only thing I can say is that there will be a Romanov family. He will be amazing, so fiery faith, so beautiful man. The subjects will be very simple, open souls. A sign that the tsar was prayed for the Orthodox, this phenomenon was on Red Square, on the Spasskaya Tower, there would be the face of the Savior, plaster will fall, not destroyed in repressive times, and also the face of Nicholas the Wonderworker. And now they will not change the course of history - there was a sign that the king was reaped. There will be a sign. Russia was small, with an ancient princedom, as it used to be. There was climate warming, there was no winters, there was no electricity, there were some changes in the sun, when the comet struck, the earth will be displaced from orbit, there will be no seas and oceans.They walked in sandals, the revived Cossacks were, it was impossible to walk in our shoes, so hot was the soil. Homespun shirts were, as before in Ancient Russia. Horses heavy, also plow harrowed the earth.

By the way, it turns out, the saints in heaven are praying for the blessing of God to descend to earth, for every sprout, every flower to grow. And we are now, as termites are crashing on our way. All the concrete surfaces on the ground, they are undesirable, harmful to walk with their feet. In relation to the depths of the earth, pumping oil, artificial movements are created, voids are created, whole cities will fall there. And so, as before the Third World War in Siberia, everything began to melt, and there the houses were built, when the BAM was five-year plans, they were essentially driven into the frozen ground, piles, and when they thawed, the whole cities would leave.

When the Orthodox Tsar was no longer high-rise buildings, the capital was not in Moscow, I do not remember, I regret that I did not immediately record this vision - Vladimir or Yaroslavl. There were one-story buildings, two-story, the King had a low building. The king is spiritually connected with the people, he loved the people so much, it is given only to the anointed of God. All the same, people will start to retreat from the truth, will again begin to be tempted to sin. By the way, when we had a king, people gathered around the world and decided to choose one ruler.

Until the Third World War, Israel will not long be shaken by an earthquake, only in the end, under the rule of the Antichrist, it will shake, but the warriors will be with the Arabs before the Israelites blew up the mosque of Omar and restored the magnificent temple of Solomon, how many Jewish victims and blood will be on earth . I saw it all in 1994, I swear to the cross and the Gospel, when I see what is happening now, civil wars among Arabs begin. Where are we all going? And where we come, unfortunately. Elijah the prophet will admonish, that they will not believe, Enoch will be revealed, that they will not believe. The Israelites will kill them, they will not prophesy in Russia, call for repentance, namely in Israel, but they will not believe and will kill them. The Lord will raise them again. How sad it is for my mother’s people to be in a daze. The Antichrist, the Messiah, the servant of the devil, will be enthroned, he himself will not save himself from the fire of hell, and even more he will not save those who will serve him.

Parish of the Antichrist

Let us return to the fact that the units will remain on the ground and decide to choose one ruler. It is him who will be chosen, the antichrist, the false Messiah, the minister of Satan, and we will have an Orthodox King.And the antichrist will be crowned in the magnificent restored temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. And after that, after he will be crowned, the earth will crack, there even the Lord will not let the rain, where he will be crowned, not a blade of grass, and they will cry like children, die of dehydration, animals die in agony. Stocks run out, he laughs at his servants, what can I do when the earth does not yield crops, and the sky does not rain, he will gloat over them. In Russia, they will begin to have more inclination to sin, and will entice the antichrist from the camp of the Orthodox tsar, and his confidants will betray the tsar. When anointing the Kingdom, the King will have the gift of insight, then he will, if my memory fails me, both the monk and the monarch. He will know that neither negotiations will entice him, he will go to this cross for the people, this will be the last sacrifice for the people. I am forbidden to speak, but he will be deluded, and he, too, will wash it. He will repeat the feat of the Savior, he will be crucified on the cross, it will be his victory over the antichrist. The Antichrist will think that he defeated him, but in fact it will be a spiritual victory, he will be the last prayer book. After killing the King, as I later read in the old prophecies, he will hang his royal crown on the cross. And so it was shown to me.After that, the antichrist will only be able to enter Russia, but before that we will have so many signs, so many notifications, and Rev. Seraphim of Sarov will tell who he is. And when there will be a coronation of the Antichrist, and we miraculously welded to the bell, which stands in the Kremlin, the king-bell, the buzz will go, in a giant tongue, he flew right up to Diveevo, and he would descend there. Everyone will know that it is the Antichrist who is crowned. We have all the scrolls on the icons of many saints, in the hands of the saints, they turn around like a sheet of paper on all the icons and everything will be written about the antichrist. This is the greatest craft of Russia.

Faiths will try to unite into one, and in Russia it was precisely the pure Orthodox faith under the last Orthodox Tsar. Iver Mother of God, Moscow's goalkeeper, because of the dishonor of the people, she will leave Moscow, she will fly to heaven. And after that, the most terrible times will begin. Antichrist will enter. But before this, Rev. Sergius of Radonezh would rise again, everyone who was present at the monastery saw: he rose from the shrine, walked towards the Assumption Cathedral, did not reach the ladder in three steps. Even in the monastery the monks will begin to depart from the faith, Sergius of Radonezh will sigh and bless no one, with such grief will look at his laurel and ascend to heaven.After that, the bell fell, crashed to smithereens, it was delivered in 2000, and dishonest money was invested there. After this, the grace began to leave the earth, the sources began to dry up, in a few days they will go all over Russia, even the last sinner on earth will understand that he lived by the grace of God. Such gloom, longing, despair, such grief will come on earth. And after these events, the antichrist could enter Russia.

And I was previously shown that there really was a World Flood, everyone laughed at Noah: “Why are you building,” and he continued to build, and then there was a World Flood. And the Lord said that there would be no more Flood, and then some islands would be flooded, but there would be no complete Flood. Indeed, Noah's Ark in the mountains of Ararat stopped. And Sodom and Gomorrah were. For sodom's sins the Lord destroyed. There are face masks made of clay from the dead sea - you should not use them. Lot's wife looked round, and was punished for it by the Lord, turned into a pillar of salt. In this pillar, she still stands there, and her spirit will remain so until the resurrection of the dead. Then the Lord will forgive her. Cain killed Abel and then he was persecuted, such a tall, black-haired man, and the Lord did not give death. Abel was a man of God. Jews fed the Lord manna from heaven.And when the Lord showed the Third World, I had a murmur, I began to resist that these wars could not be, and I have a vision gap. And there was the wrath of God, the Lord called me: "Hebrew, your whole race opposed the will of God, and you too, see and speak to others." And I cannot say because of this when exactly the resurrection of Seraphim of Sarov was. And it was shown: Moses after prayer descends with the Tablets of the Covenant, he was overwhelmed with joy, all luminous, “and your ancestors didn’t want then,” and Moses was so upset, he saw that they already worshiped the golden calf, he hit it in their hearts the tables of the ground that they even cracked. I was ordered: “Look and tell people. Do not be like your fathers. ” And if I do not correct my life, I will be in hell, it is shown how I will be tortured, I even felt pain, which I never really experienced in my life, that if you put your hand in the oven, it will seem like a breath of wind, that's what it showed . And when they envied and gnashed their teeth when they showed me, they knew that they were temporarily shown from pitch darkness.

And it was shown that the Bible is truly the word of the Living God, God the Creator, the truth is written in it, it is necessary to read it reverently, read standing up, do not emphasize anything in it. Trembling to her.For this, he was severely punished at the Last Judgment, for his innocent attitude. What is in the prophecies of the saints, the Orthodox, the ancients, everything is true there.

After that the antichrist was able to enter Russia. But who prayed tearfully - it is the cries of the soul. The antichrist sends the servants after them, they are looking for them, and they seem to be bushes, they come back to him, they say, they are not there, only bushes are there. He begins to boil all over: "It was the Christians, immediately return to destroy them," - so strong was his malice to those who remained faithful to the Lord. Then they took the six, there was no electricity - now this system is being introduced, these UEC cards, after the Third World, unfortunately, the six will see those who see the coronation on TV, will fall under his seduction and will not accept. From the Lord there were so many notifications that he was the antichrist. There will be no excuse anymore that the sixes will be taken, somehow they were not applied technically any more, precisely by influence, by satanic force or something, traits, sixes, they glowed in the dark, even if the arm was cut off, it moved. They took because of the children who died from hunger. Or because of their own hunger. And they betrayed God consciously.And I will have a strong temptation, my daughter will tearfully ask, dying of hunger, "How can you let me die, what kind of mother do you have, and what kind of mother do you give me to die, bring me bread." But in fact, through her, the spirit will already act, you know what, and the danger will be very great. The one who takes the sixes cannot even depict the sign of the cross on himself. Prayers can not read. The sixes of a greenish, poisonous green color, they even glowed in the darkness. On the forehead and wrist of the right hand. These sixes were precisely after the death of the Orthodox Tsar. People are sealed from repentance.

By the way, when Japan has suffered, there will be a volcanic eruption in Kamchatka, lava will flow, many people will die.

Then at the end the whole earth shook. Moscow will not remain a stone on the stone. The Antichrist will come to Diveevo twice, the groove spiritually rises to the skies like a wall, he will viciously depart, then a second time will come, people will tearfully pray in the temples in Diveevo, for mercy, for mercy. Two churches with praying ascended alive. Only after that he was able to break in.

It was hot, the sky was closer to the ground, there was not a single cloud, no wind, no rain, dry ground.In Russia, a bunch of people who took the sixes, bald, in sackcloth, haggard, dangling skin on the bones. They were going nowhere. They slept on the bare ground, the conviction of conscience was that they took the six. At night, the earth already breathed heat. The locust was mutated, two meters long, its tails stung terribly, panicked people were afraid of it. When the pack ran, it was trampling like horses; from huge wings there was a chatter like a metal one. People in a panic avoided them. There were purulent wounds on people, at first the body itched, then the wound expanded, began to rot, stink, walked like walking corpses. The man who accepted the sixs tried to enter the temple, he was thrown off like a ball, the icons were strictly watched. Trees were, on the floodplain of the river fed on moisture, they deviated from the people who took the six. They even spun off the branches, not allowed to rest from the heat. Nature rebelled against these people. The man could not stand this agony, came to hang himself, took the rope, but did not die, took off and went on. They are coming, and others meet, they ask, they say, is there water or a piece of bread, but no, nowhere. It was the northern lights. The sun is like a bloody eye, huge, more than now, colors, at the same time both the moon and the sun were in the sky.They go out of their last strength, they see that the lake is shining, they go there, at least a little to drink water, and there instead of water there is a whole lake of rotten blood. And a voice came from heaven: "Because you killed the saints and the prophets, it was given to you to drink their blood." And I was shown that if I lost heart, I would accept sixes, I would also walk. Towards the end, there was a hail on the ground, which pierced the head, and there was nowhere to hide, not to put into words what earthquakes were, hiding in some gorges, no matter who it was, the head or the president, or a simple person. All meteorites, all celestial bodies bombed the earth, since the axis of the earth was shifted. They prayed to God that stones fell on their heads, so that they would not tolerate such flour, and dehydration, and conscience. For three and a half years there was no death on earth. An angel from heaven to earth and he had a sickle, huge, sharp, in the blink of an eye cut off the head, the soul flew off, even the pain did not have time to feel. Antichrist was killed by the word of God, the Holy Spirit.

Last Judgment

Invisibly, the angels used to equate the earth from these cataclysms, the earth itself is transferred and filled up if there were holes somewhere. At the beginning it was night, darkness, all over the earth, then the Angels sounded the trumpets,even someone died, the dust remained from the person, as if collected by the wind, this small group joined in the air, regardless of where its dust particles were, invisibly joined by air. Then white bones appeared, as in anatomy, we went through, without skin, muscles, and then we covered ourselves with skin. Once again the Angels blew into the trumpets, all were raised from the creation of the world. The land was, there were no mountains, no seas, no gorges, there were plains and lowlands, there was juicy grass, tender, light green covered the ground, and all stood resurrected, kind to kind. We all stood with relatives, for some reason I stood with my mother's birth, Jews. Belief in faith, even we were called somehow abusive, because we are Orthodox. There were so beautiful bodies, transformed, it seemed to me that everyone was 20 years old, but then I read 33 years, the age of Christ, probably, according to our sins, we look like this at 20 to 30 years. Everyone had over his head like gold written, all unconfessed sins, who did not repent while alive. Who has 20 cm from the head, who has a meter from the head - these words are sins, and everyone saw these sins. People looked at each other with interest, read sins, curiosity. It was a shame, the eyes were lowered, they seemed to be righteous, and above their heads were half a meter of unrepentant sins.There was a solid man, during his life the chief was, he seemed to squat in a low-lying squad, as if blocking his head, and this attracted attention, what kind of sins he hid, and he had written, probably, he held a high post, the murderer of his wife. We are the only ones on earth, nobody is on other planets, no aliens. Near-Earth space was all cleaned up. Moses denounced the Jews, he did not teach such a law that they perverted his teaching, therefore they did not recognize the Son of God, they waited for the conqueror of the world. Moses looked at them so sternly and retired to the cloud.

There was a white Cross, bright white, was visible from all over the world, a gilded gilded, white dove, the image of the Holy Spirit, also a dazzling light, and Jesus Christ transfigured, in a white tunic — such light came from him, illuminated the whole universe. Those who suffered and tried to live according to the commandments, their faces brightened. And those who did lawlessness - their faces became gloomy. They stood away from us. The earth-planet has gone from under our feet, from under the gaze of God, completely flared up, it was cursed by the Lord for our sins, created on it, it was such a flame.We remained standing in the sky, so we stood on nothing: the bottomless pit, the sides of the bottomless pit and on top the bottomless pit. As though the firmament was underfoot and as if nothing was. We were terrified, there was such a fire, we were afraid that it would touch our feet, everything would be burned - the earth was gone, with incredible speed it took off. The realization was that we were only a handful in this universe, and there was the realization that we were all relatives, later there was repentance: what did we share, exalt one another, belated repentance was given. Everyone has a book of life, every person was the Last Judgment. The invisible angels began to rustle the books of life, there was literally everything, even the movement of the soul to sin, everyone saw this man’s sins. Even the proximity of a husband to his wife, if not married, is fornication. There are Old and New Testament, and what was forgiven from the Old Testament man, now there is another demand. Even, excuse me, brothers and sisters, husband and wife should be in a pose for childbearing, and everything else is a perversion. It does not please God. The final judgment was for every person, and everyone saw these sins, there was a burning sense of conscience, sizzling, I was burning with shame for my sins. All secret became clear. This is indeed the Last Judgment.And who the unbeliever died, judged by the law of conscience.

At the end of the Court there was a dialogue between the soul and the body, the body cursed the soul:

“You cherished me all, non-living, I was pleasing the flesh (the soul indulged the flesh), and now we will go to hell together.
“But you yourself demanded rest!”
- And you should have forced me to work!

If the suffering in everyday life without rumbling rush throughout life, then their sins are washed away.

There was a Last Judgment, it was shown that the girl had snapped at the driver: the driver told her something too voluntary, and the girl considered this to be an insulting, obscene sentence. The driver liked the girl, and she got angry, did some nasty things in response to him, he came home angry after that, his wife told nasty things because he was offended and humiliated. As a result, the mother called the wife, for example, and the mother came under a hot hand, the wife slapped the children in the hearts, because an innocent husband had already offended her. The soul felt all the insults of people about whom it did not even know, did not know about their existence, felt all the insults, only three times - this is our careless word, our action.

When good did something, the soul exulted, and if bad, then the angels of darkness tormented the soul, like electric current.A person should sincerely repent at a confession, formal confession is unacceptable from God, just read the sins on a piece of paper - then all the sins remained. At the Last Judgment, a person completely felt the pain that he caused another person three times. All resentment and pain caused to another person. And hell's angels are torturing him.

  • It was shown by the Lord that the Guardian Angel tries to correct a person, reconcile, instruct for good, so that there is compassion in the soul. Many were insincere, with a sly thought, so I will do it, and the Lord will ask less from me, but the Lord looks at the soul, and this good deed did not count.
  • Those who portrayed that they were true Christians, and then seduced others, then because of them the Orthodox faith was blasphemed.
  • The sin of condemnation is only one Lord righteous judge. To whom more is given, from this and more will be asked. He was very angry at the Last Judgment, only he can judge.
  • You can never doubt God's Mercy.
  • Thoughts important to practice. It is possible in thoughts and kill a person. So they will present it at the Court.
  • We must humble ourselves, forgive each other, we must change our lives, weep tearfully.
  • Envy is a terrible sin, tantamount to the sin of witchcraft.We must learn to rejoice over others.
  • After an individual trial, the scales were shown, and the soul was weighed, to which is located - to good or evil. Scales are very accurate, infallible, and many good deeds sins covered.

Until the Lord glorifies man, you cannot call him holy, we do it out of sincere love, and evil spirits attack him. When necessary, then the Lord notifies. All the famous saints pray for Russia to choose the bloodless path. Not stepped on the rake of civil war. So that there was a spiritual and moral revival. So that the realization of sins happens. We would have been the Orthodox Tsar before. This is the narrow way. But the Third World War would still be inevitable according to the sins of the whole world. And these old men, schema-monks, achieved holiness, there were those who did not wash, and even the body did not give an unpleasant smell, which is characteristic of the body. Even the angels trembled before them, so much as they achieved holiness, and they considered themselves the last of sinners, and it was not hypocritical, but sincere. There was no pride; the Lord rewarded them for their humility.

Even at the Court, the soul mourned for long sins. A final word to the soul.It was like an oval room, 12 thrones were like thrones, and fine old men. Even the final word was not heard. This word was given to the Apostle Paul and Peter. To hell or to heaven. The apostle Paul was strict, the apostle Thomas less.

In the end, when the trial of each ended, the person seemed to live life, there was a separation. Let other religions not be offended, the truth is only in Orthodoxy. Muslims, Jews, Catholics and others were told: “Go, damned, into eternal fire, for the Gospel has been preached all over the world. And you rejected, deliberately rejected the truth and worshiped lies. ” The sky was opened, and they flew into the fire everything except the Orthodox.

I forgot to say that the Lord will see, the free will of the soul for good, even the Arabs will give such a vision overnight, everything will be shown, they simply cannot be silent, but their own brothers in faith will cut their throats, they will be baptized in their own blood they will be killed as traitors to the faith of their fathers.

Repentance is a great power. Transforms the soul. The soul is saved from hell.

“Go, damned, for hardheartedness, for I was hungry, I was in prison, I didn’t see,” I don’t remember literally.“Since they didn’t do for small ones, they didn’t do it for me.” Indeed, so be it. Different degrees of hell for his sins, different degrees of heaven. There was a table in all heaven, and it was said: "Come to me, blessed." And Jesus Christ embraced them, "When I was hungry, you gave me a drink ... And they said:" Lord, when did we do this? ". Everything is written in the Gospel. Then they celebrated who was honored by the kingdom of heaven. There are seven heavens. The martyrs left through the narrow purple door to the seventh heaven. Even my soul shuddered that they experienced in life, joyfully went to the cross for Christ. Those who will not accept the six, who will be tortured by the servants of the Antichrist, will remain faithful to the Lord to the end will also go there. Such was the great reward. They then co-managed the universe with the Lord, the Heavenly Queen defended, prayed to the Lord, who prayed to Her while alive, She prayed for them at the Last Judgment. And it was shown to me that if I would humble myself, endure without complaint, forgive people, I could be worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Heaven and Hell

The land of the meek was shown, renewed: the fragrant garden, neither the seas nor the oceans, it was fragrant, clean, restored by the Lord, streams like blue ribbons, golden sand along the edges of the rivers, completely fragrant gardens.In the fullness of love, all who have been honored, the meek, will be the first to beg for forgiveness, even if they are offended, it is for them that the earth has been renewed. Meek and humble. They moved smoothly through the air. Dana was the fullness of love for all who were granted the kingdom of heaven. And talking among themselves thoughts. Greetings of love were exchanged with those who are in the first heaven of heaven and the second. The Lord fed them with grace, and they were enlightened even more, then they could move up to the first heaven of heaven. It was given to me to feel when the Lord nourished them with grace. Of course, with earthly words, how to tell ... When we were children of about three years old, sat down on a bench - and it felt like the sun was warming with love. Probably everyone felt such a feeling of joy. So, this feeling was a thousand times more.

I believe that humbleness is given to the spirit-bearing elders for the salvation of the soul, I am not surprised, this is an open vision to the old men. They are now praying for Russia.

I forgot to say: after the Third World War there was a ditch and a circular wall, in the middle of the field, when there was no death on the ground, there was no water, there those who did not accept the sixes, were miraculously preserved by the Lord and fed by the Lord until recently. And no one can get there.Who took the six, this settlement will be found and a man of some kind will float there, will try to climb the wall, but the Force of Grace will throw it back so that it will fly over the moat. The Lord will save those who remain faithful.

There were also different degrees of hell, and there was a gnashing of teeth, terrible places, even scary to describe. There is a Sisyphus who rolls a stone up a mountain, and he rolls back down. This is his punishment given. The tall giant ceiling of hell props up. Famous name, I do not remember. For something this is given to him. There is utter darkness, the monster's body has been torn apart and the body has been restored again, there was such flour. I, of course, needed to see it. If I took a six. I was shown hell in a matter of minutes, but it seemed to me like it was an eternity. There are various monsters, and cold and ice. I do not even want to tell.

We are here on the land of our life - to whom a person serves, to that and then goes to his master.

The best prayer is repentance. Who can save from sixes? Only the Lord. After all, even the good works gives the Lord to do. Praying to the Lord to save us, we ourselves are weak. After all, without God is not up to the door. Without pleading with the Lord, we are nothing.He is allowed to fall by the Lord, because if he had not fallen, he could have gone into such pride that he would destroy his soul. In tears I realized all the weakness.

The gap between hell and heaven, and those who are in hell, see how to enjoy in heaven. The fullness of love in heaven - and at the same time so much malice in hell. A person can be shown three times the Last Judgment if he misunderstood something.

All life is vanity, and we will not take anything with us except our own affairs. In addition to good and evil deeds, we will not take anything there: neither cars, nor cottages, nor apartments, nor yachts. Everything is really dust and ashes. Life sweeps in a moment before eternity. We have been changing for this instant for ages - is it not an expensive price? To lose the eternal everlasting joy of paradise. And lose the love of your Creator.

Forgive brothers and sisters if I said something wrong.

For help with the transcription of the text thanks to our reader.

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