InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

Olga Nagornyuk

InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

Easy money on infobusiness seduces almost every second letter of spam mailings that fall into our email inboxes. What is infobusiness and how realistic is it to earn a living? How to choose a high-quality information product, so you do not regret the money spent? About this - in our article.

What is infobusiness?

The semantics of the term “info-business” is quite transparent: having appeared as a result of the merging of the words “information” and “business”, this word means the sale of information products.

Infobusiness is one of the areas of e-commerce, so between them sometimes they mistakenly put an equal sign, which is fundamentally wrong. E-commerce covers all products that are sold through the Internet - from clothing in online stores to trading on the Forex exchange. The object of sale in the framework of info-business is only information of a training nature.

In other words, representatives of infobusiness sell courses, trainings, webinars, master classes and books telling about the ways and methods of acquiring certain skills. As an example, we can cite the webinar “The Secrets of Creating a Video Vendor”, the training “Time Management for a Manager”, the master class “Earnings at home on affiliate programs”.

In the chain of information business involved the seller and the buyer. We will consider this type of commerce from the point of view of each of them.

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Consumers of information products: how not to lose?

From time to time, each of us has a need to obtain complete and systematized information about any type of activity. Someone wants to learn about the methods of website optimization, it is important for someone to learn how to make a competent business plan, and there are those who believe in the opportunity to make a million in one day.

This information can be collected on the Internet by spending more than one day searching for it and separating the wheat from the chaff, or you can buy it from info-businessmen who have already done this work for you.As a result, you save time and get detailed, written in an accessible language of instruction to action, developed by a professional.

But that is at best. All products of infobusiness are conditionally divided into four groups:

  • created by practicing experts. Skilled marketers, psychologists, merchants who have vast experience behind them and are ready to share it for money with less experienced colleagues create a quality product. It is a symbiosis of their own developments and the information that is scattered in the network by specialized resources.

Courses, trainings, master classes and webinars of these aces in the infobusiness are designed for professionals who already have certain work experience and are of high quality;

  • developed by theorists who have no practical experience, but have studied this issue deeply enough. Such infobusiness products are perfect for beginners who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of e-commerce;
  • formed by amateurs. Having picked up "vertices" on various resources, some new info-businessmen consider themselves to be gurus in this direction, capable of teaching other newcomers.As a result, illiterate and haphazardly composed tutorials come into being, the effectiveness of which is zero;
  • made up by fraudsters who pursue the goal of instant profit, and therefore do not care about the quality of the product, nor about the return of funds to you if it did not suit you.

They like to “hook” customers with the themes “101 ways to make a million quickly” and “Ways to get rich in one day”. At best, they will write to you: find a hundred of the same gullible buyers and sell them this recipe for "success", at worst - you will never see your money or the site of the seller-cheater.


The question naturally arises: how to distinguish a low-grade quality product? Proceed as follows.


1. Analyze the content of the infoproducer's website:

  • check the thematic citation index (TIC) and PR, using any specialized service (for example,, The higher these rates, the better;

  • Pay attention to the age of the site. The trust should be caused by resources that have existed for at least two years. One-year-old sites are dangerous: firstly, they can be followed by an infobusinessman taking the first steps on this path and not yet having the required amount of knowledge, secondly,they can be a sign for fraudsters who decide to make money on gullible newbies;
  • Read the articles posted on the resource, evaluating them in terms of professionalism, accessibility and applicability in practice. If the texts are written incomprehensibly and inconsistently, they are replete with errors, contain undisguised boasting, you are an amateur before you, contacting him is more expensive;
  • read the reviews. They are, of course, moderated, and you will not see any negative comments there. But in the “questions and answers” ​​you will be able to track whether the author of the site communicates with his clients and how complete and professional answers he gives them.

2. Find on the Internet information about the reputation of the information product author and his online course. Search the forums and through search engines. Filter reviews, trusting not stupidly enthusiastic, but constructive. The latter include comments in which, in addition to the pluses, the minuses of the training program are described (alas, there is no perfection).

3. Find out if a refund is envisaged if the training course for some reason did not suit you. Not all authors go for it, for fear of the likelihood of sharing their product for free, but some still work on a return scheme: reputation is more expensive.

Not sure where to start searching for the right online training courses? Type in a topic of interest to you in a search engine or visit, resources and familiarize yourself with suggested infoproducts. This will facilitate the selection.

How to create your infobusiness

Before you create your infobusiness, you need to understand: the competition in this area is very high today. To be on an equal footing with the masters and to produce an infoprodukt, not inferior to their training programs, you need to have solid experience, deep knowledge and a commercial vein. Do not expect to buy the course “Business in 60 Days” and learn how to sell training programs in 24 hours. This is a priori impossible.

Do not believe those who claim that infobusiness can be built from scratch. You will need investments in the development of the site and the advertising campaign. Otherwise, earnings at home will bring a penny.

If you think that you have enough potential for organizing your own infobusiness, be prepared for the following actions.

1. Decide on a niche. Success consists of two components:

  • your professionalism: the higher the trust in your products, the more likely they are to be purchased;
  • the presence of high demand for the proposed infoprodukt.Today, courses on website building, SEO optimization, personal growth, monetization of Internet resources, remote earnings and sales of training programs are very popular.

2. Select the product format: courses, webinar, master class, consultations, etc. In fact, you find a convenient form of communication with the student. Stop on the one that will allow presenting information in the most complete and structured way.

3. Create a free information product. For example, if you intend to sell courses on monetization of sites in the future, offer users detailed instructions for creating electronic wallets and analytical material comparing the benefits of cooperation with various payment systems.

Why do you need a free info product? With it, you kill two birds with one stone: you get the credibility of subscribers who evaluate your level of professionalism on this pilot project, and create a customer base (the user leaves his email address in exchange for a free tutorial).

4. Create a paid infoprodukt. Remember: popular topics are highly competitive, so it will be more difficult to achieve success with them.We advise you to choose the sphere where you feel like a fish in water, then it will be much easier to create and sell a training program.

5. Develop a website. The task of this resource is to position you as an expert and sell an infoprodukt. Do not forget to take into account in the technical work with referral links and the possibility of online payments.

Later, when you post a paid project on the site after the free, it will be nice to make a “capture page” for it. Her goal - to interest the buyer and make in the shortest possible time to make a purchase. Marketers advise to use a countdown counter (“Discount for a webinar is 30%. The action ends after XX days of the XX hours of the XX minutes).

6. Pick up channels to attract traffic. We recommend that you do SEO optimization of the site for keywords related to your infoprodukt, place contextual advertising and advertisements on special resources that announce infoprodukty (we mentioned them when telling where to look for online training courses), and also do an e-mail newsletter, asking for help to services that provide such services (, Smart Responder, UniSender).

Clauses 5 and 6 imply certain costs (according to the most modest calculations, about $ 800-1000 will be needed for a startup), which is why statements about the possibility of starting an info-business from scratch are fiction. Moreover, with a well-established case, you will have to hire assistants, whose salary also belongs to the cost part.

7. Develop an affiliate program. Selling training courses fits perfectly into the concept of network marketing. Attract referrals who are ready to bring customers for a certain percentage of sales. Look for them through the same newsletter and social networks.

8. Build a customer base - a gold asset infobusiness. It is the address distribution to subscribers, and not mass spam that makes the main sales in the field of info products. When the quality of your training programs suits the client, he returns again and again for the next training program, bringing in a steady and steady income.

Do not be mistaken and on account of the time that will have to devote to the information business. Gentlemen, who allegedly dedicate to sales only 40 minutes a day and claiming millions of profits, blatantly lie: they have other sources of income. At first, you will have to work 10 hours a day, but the result is worth it.Info-businessmen claim: with due diligence, earnings in the first year may well reach $ 5-8 thousand per month.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online

    InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online InfoBusiness is a new way to make money online