How to sell a pen on an interview

Maria Soboleva

How to sell a pen at the interview?

Often at interviews candidates for positions related to sales, offer unusual tests. If you are asked to sell a pen - what will you do? Why do we need such tasks and how to respond to them? How to behave in order to convince the employer of your professional suitability?

Sell ​​pen

Sell ​​the pen at the interview. What for?

So, you are applying for a vacancy of a sales representative or sales manager. Come for an interview, and a recruiter literally from the doorway puts you at a standstill with his offer to sell a pen.

Beginners, young professionals, such a proposal will be puzzled and confused, more experienced applicants will quickly pull themselves together and try to sell the goods, but often using well-known phrases like “great thing”, “pen of excellent quality”, etc.

But the most creative candidates will be able to find a non-standard approach to the “buyer” and convince him of his ability to solve the set tasks creatively.

The purpose of such a test - “to sell a pen at an interview” - is simple: check your potential ability to sell goods.

For a novice candidate in the field of trade, it is important to show some qualities, but from experienced "salespeople" you will need other skills.

How to sell a pen?
From inexperienced applicants waiting for stress resistance, perseverance, demonstration of their desire to sell. Sales techniques can be taught.

And if you have already proven yourself well in trading in, say, spare parts, but are lost from the offer to sell a pen at an interview, this may alienate the employer.

It is important when passing the test to show your knowledge of the stages of sale. Especially, if the questions at the interview are not asked by an ordinary recruiter, but by your possible manager.

At this point, the applicant will also need to like his style of communication, original thinking, sense of humor, attention to the client.

How to sell a pen at the interview?

If you are confident in yourself, you are not afraid to look ridiculous and even stupid in some situation, able to make spontaneous decisions, to act outside the box - this is already half the success.

But you still need to know the sales scheme and adhere to its stages in the sale of goods.

stages of successful sale

1. We establish contact. The success of the sale depends not so much on the product as such, but on the potential consumer.


You should quickly look at the potential buyer and determine his needs.

To win over a person, be benevolent, smiling, try not to show your excitement, on the contrary, exude confidence.

We made a common opinion - is the client talkative (closed), easy to communicate (she is important), economical (she likes ostentatious luxury)? Start communicating.

2. Identify the needs of the buyer.Start communicating using active listening techniques.


These include nods of the head, attentive facial expression, cheering, clarifying questions, repeating what was said and underlining the significance of these words.

It is important to ask the right questions. Find out if a client often uses a pen instead of a computer, why - sign papers, make notes, give a pen to visitors to paint or fill out forms.

Sell ​​pen
Which pen is more convenient for the client - ballpoint, gel, automatic, with a cap, etc., and whether he has a spare one. Does the client always carry a pen with him, how many employees in the department and how many visitors have to work every day.

There should be so many questions to understand how to build communication in the next stage - product presentation.

3. We hold a presentation of the goods.So, you received from a potential buyer the necessary information about his needs and on the basis of this offer to buy a pen.

The client must get what he needs. For a budget man, offer a budgetary, but functional option for caring for your status - something unique and prestigious.

Anyone who writes a lot can be offered a pen as a spare, rarely writing client - an inexpensive one, just in case.


Do not forget - you are selling not the product itself, but those properties that satisfy the needs of the buyer.

How to sell a pen on an interview
To sell a pen at an interview, you need to convincingly, but objectively describe its quality. You should not give the usual, ordinary object with unique properties. But to assert that the status "Parker" is 1 y. e., also impossible.

Maintain eye contact during a conversation, offer to hold the pen, examine it, write something with it.

4. We work with objections.Even in the case of a successful presentation, the client will try to object something.Most often he will say - I have a pen that suits me perfectly.

Your answer: I understand you perfectly - of course, you use a pen that you like. And it would be strange if you didn’t have it at all, you are a business man.

But, you see, it is unpleasant and annoying when in the most inopportune moment in the pen runs out of ink. That is why a backup option is needed, especially in the area in which you are involved - in sales you need to respond quickly and stationery should not let you down.

There are also non-standard moves in the sale of goods, when the seller uses unfamiliar customer techniques in the interview. Everything will depend on your imagination, ability to improvise and knowledge of psychology.

Ability to sell a pen
For example: do you know that the pens will soon be removed from production due to the development of new technologies? They will become a real deficit, I recommend to my customers to stock up on handles, then evaluate their foresight.

Try this option: I see, you are a true expert in successful sales, but would you like to get a good and fast income guaranteed? I suggest you buy my pen at a very reasonable price, you can sell it very profitably and easily.

Or offer to buy a product from you to offer to sell it to other applicants for an interview with which the employer will communicate after you.

You can offer a pen as a gift that a client can make to his relatives or colleagues (as a way of motivating staff), because this is a thing that everyone needs. And everyone loves small, but nice gifts.

5. Complete the transaction.The final stage of your test - "how to sell a pen at an interview" - will be the completion of the transaction.


In the case when you have successfully completed the previous steps, the customer must agree to purchase your product.

How to sell a pen 

If the buyer doubts or refuses, do not give up. Try any possible options to convince him to buy a pen from you. The employer will appreciate your perseverance.

In order to complete the transaction, ask a question that does not leave a person of choice - so you need to issue one pen, or maybe a few - as a reserve? How do you prefer to pay for the pen - by card or cash? Today is the last day of the action discounts on goods, take?

Experienced sales managers use the Socrates method (three “yes”).When a person answers several questions in a row positively, it will be difficult for him to say no.

For example: did you like the design of this pen? Is it convenient to write with it? True, this option suits you best?
And after that - “control shot”: make out a purchase?

But this method will require the seller ability to quickly ask the right questions, focusing on the reaction of the client.
Did you manage to sell a pen at the interview? Congratulations, most likely you will get the desired job.

How best to sell a pen?
In any case, the employer, conducting such a test, wants to make sure that the abilities required by sales professionals are available.

Perseverance, originality, endurance, fantasy, the ability to win over the interlocutor, non-standard behavior - these are qualities that may interest the employer. So try to show yourself at the interview with the best hand.

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  • How to sell a pen on an interview

    How to sell a pen on an interview

    How to sell a pen on an interview

    How to sell a pen on an interview

    How to sell a pen on an interview

    How to sell a pen on an interview

    How to sell a pen on an interview

    How to sell a pen on an interview

    How to sell a pen on an interview

    How to sell a pen on an interview

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