Effective baby inhalers

Effective baby inhalers

Modern machine or the old way?

Experts do not doubt the effectiveness of inhalations and recommend doing them with the use of special medicines or herbal decoctions. If there is no special device, then parents have to prepare a decoction and, using all their dexterity and persuasion, convince the child to voluntarily cover him with a blanket and, placing his face above the container, breathe healing vapors.

Firstly, not every child will agree to such a procedure, and secondly, most often little children are afraid of such manipulations. And, thirdly, yet such an inhalation cannot be called safe, the baby can get badly hurt. And the effectiveness of the "grandmother's" method is much lower than that of modern inhalers. In addition, such therapy can be done only with vegetable raw materials or boiled potatoes, but for the use of drugs you need special equipment.

But if the parents decided to purchase the device, another problem appears.The pharmacy chain sells a wide variety of inhalers for children and adults, how to choose the most effective and safe?

There are several options for devices:

  • steam inhaler;
  • ultrasonic;
  • compressor;
  • mesh nebulizer.
Despite many differences, the principle of operation of the devices is the same: they convert the medicinal liquid into vapor or dispersion system (aerosol). Such forms of funds can penetrate deeply into the respiratory system of a person.

Inhaler for children from cough and rhinitis allows to eliminate the cold symptoms by using fewer drugs, and, in some cases, using only herbal ingredients. It is worth a closer look at each version of the inhaler, assessing their advantages and disadvantages.

Steam apparatus

This inhaler is an improved version of the popular way to get rid of colds - "breathe over potatoes." The effect of the procedure is based on the fact that the patient inhales the hot steam produced by the device.

For manipulation, some volatile substance is required, the boiling threshold of which is below 100 ° C is the essential oil and herbal decoction.In the device, the liquid is heated to 45 ° C, turns into vapor and with the help of a mask penetrates into the nasal and oral cavities.

If you choose from the available models of steam inhalers, then, first of all, it is worth knowing all the positive and negative aspects of the device. The advantages include the following:High-quality inhaler for children against cough

  1. It is much more effective than the traditional procedure, during which a person inhales steam from a container.
  2. Among the inhalers, this option is the most affordable. The price of the cheapest device is an average of 700 rubles, the average cost is 2000-2500 rubles.
  3. The device is convenient, it is very simple to use.

But the apparatus has a number of limitations that you should pay attention to before acquiring the unit:

  1. This type of inhaler can only be used to treat the upper respiratory system. But in the region of the bronchi and light steam is not able to deliver therapeutic components.
  2. Heating can reduce the effectiveness of certain drugs, which negatively affects the result obtained from therapy.
  3. The concentration of the agent in the amount of steam is lower than the therapeutic process requires.
  4. The principle of the impact of the steam inhaler on the body is hot steam.Not all children calmly tolerate such a procedure, and the use of such a device is generally contraindicated for babies under one year old.
  5. It is not recommended to do steam inhalation, if the child has a fever up to 37.5 ° C and higher.
  6. Since the inhaler can be refilled with products having a boiling point below 100 degrees, the amount of funds for the inhaler is limited and involves the use of substances of plant origin.
Among the most popular brands of children's steam inhalers are “Cow”, “Puppy”. Also in the pharmacy you can buy the device “Chudopar”, which is used in the treatment of not only young patients, but also suitable for adults.

Given all the nuances, it can be noted that these inhalers should be used for the treatment of respiratory diseases in children from 12 months. In this case, the disease should not have complications and be accompanied by nasal congestion and redness of the throat.


Which inhaler is better to buy for childrenSteam inhalers for children and adults for a long time were the only devices for carrying out this procedure. But technology does not stand still, and today there are new generation devices, which are called nebulizers.

By contacting the pharmacy with a question about which inhaler is better, you can get information about a variety of devices: ultrasonic, compressor or mesh inhalers. All modern inhalers are united by one thing - the liquid placed in them is converted into an aerosol or a cloud.

An important difference between nebulizers and steam inhalers is the size of the particles of medicinal components that they spray. After all, the smaller they are, the more they are able to penetrate deeper into the body. Scientific studies confirm that nebulizers produce particles ranging in size from 2 to 7 microns, and this size is optimal for penetration into the organs of the respiratory system.

Compression Nebulizer

This device is able to create a powerful air flow and feed it through a small-diameter orifice, which is located in the drug compartment. The medicine is made in the form of an aerosol cloud, and the patient inhales it. This is a good option for getting rid of children and adults from unpleasant cold symptoms. Nebulizers of this type have a number of advantages:

  • they disperse all medicines intended for inhalation procedures;
  • the device does not require additional consumables;
  • characterized by high efficiency;
  • can be used for children up to a year;
  • durable.

As for the shortcomings, the first thing that consumers say is the high noise level of the compression nebulizer. And this can cause distrust and anxiety in children. But manufacturers are focusing on the attractiveness of their products, which distracts little children from the sounds made by the inhaler.

On sale you can find a nebulizer-engine, dolphin, whale, bear. Also, the disadvantages of compression devices include their rather big dimensions and considerable weight.Choosing a beautiful inhaler for children from cough and rhinitis

One of the best brands of compressor inhalers is the products of the brand Omron. The cost of such devices starts from 4000 rubles. Another popular brand of compression inhalers for children is Dolphin. These nebulizers have several modes that allow you to choose the size of the supplied particles. The minimum price of devices is 5000 rubles.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Like a compression one, this device transforms the drug into an aerosol and delivers it to the respiratory tract.Ultrasonic vibrations spray the drug into small particles, up to 5 microns. But unlike the previous type of devices, such nebulizers work silently. The advantages of ultrasonic inhalers include the following qualities:

  • Great for treating children;
  • small size;
  • silent operation;
  • It has a therapeutic effect even in the small bronchi;
  • can be used for babies in a lying position and during sleep;
  • can be used as a humidifier;
  • it is possible to use a nebulizer for aromatherapy;
  • equipped with batteries.

It is necessary to say about some of the negative aspects of devices of this type:

  1. It requires occasional replacement cups for drugs.
  2. Some models run on batteries that need to be replaced periodically.
  3. The impact of ultrasound may adversely affect the healing properties of certain products.

Ultrasonic inhalers are expensive, their cost starts from 3000 rubles. This is an excellent inhaler from the common cold for children and other manifestations of respiratory diseases.

However, you should take a responsible approach to the selection, paying attention to some characteristics.For example, it is necessary that the device generates the smallest particles that can penetrate into the bronchi. So, the dispersion should be no more than 5-10 microns. If the device does not meet these requirements, then you should not buy it. Also it is worth avoiding too cheap models, as it is possible, low-quality goods.

Among the most well-known manufacturers of high-quality nebulizers that meet all the requirements, we can mention the brand Omron, Bayer, AND.

Mesh nebulizers

These devices began to be produced recently, and today they can be called the most advanced inhalers. Their principle of operation is associated with low-frequency spraying of drugs. The main element of the device is a membrane surface with invisible eye holes. Substances very quickly turn into an aerosol and penetrate through this membrane. These nebulizers have a lot of advantages:

What type of inhalers from a cold to prefer

  1. Very compact size - it is not only convenient to store them, but you can also carry them with you, putting them in your pocket.
  2. The mesh inhaler works silently, so it can be used even for babies.
  3. The new technology allows the use of various kinds of drugs - antibacterial, mucolytic, hormonal, herbal decoctions, almost any, except those that include oils.
  4. Medicinal substances penetrate into all respiratory organs, including the lungs, which indicates the high efficiency of the device.
  5. Economical consumption of drugs.

With a lot of advantages, there is only one drawback to the mesh inhalers - the price. This small miracle device costs 5,000 rubles or more.

What device for inhalation is better?

How to choose an inhaler for a child? This is much easier to do if you know certain properties and differences of devices and take into account your own needs and capabilities. If the baby is restless, then it is better to give preference to silent types of inhalers. They are also best used for infants who can be afraid of unknown noise.

For kids who find it difficult to sit still, models like toys that can brighten up the painful procedure time will do. Parents can show imagination and turn the procedure into an interesting game. Then the child will not only “breathe” with pleasure, but also wait when the time of using the inhaler is suitable.

And of course, it is important that the device meets safety requirements and is highly efficient. After all, an inhaler is, first of all, a remedy for treating children, able to get rid of unpleasant phenomena.

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  • Effective baby inhalers

    Effective baby inhalers

    Effective baby inhalers

    Effective baby inhalers

    Effective baby inhalers

    Effective baby inhalers

    Effective baby inhalers

    Effective baby inhalers

    Effective baby inhalers

    Effective baby inhalers

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