Cork coating in the interior

Cork coating in the interior

Cork coating in the interior

Many of us, going to the famous building hypermarket Leroy Merlin or to another similar store, strive to find something extraordinary in its range to create a unique interior. But the standard wallpaper is already frankly bored, and so you want something original.

For this, and created a universal cork coating for walls. This is a very original material with a lot of advantages. This coating has become a kind of breath of fresh air in the world of standards, opening a new "eco" style when creating the interior.

Features and types

This material is obtained by manually removing the upper bark ball from the cork oak. This manipulation is performed strictly once every 9 to 10 years, since it is enough for this period for the tree to build up the lost material. After removal, the date and time of the procedure is recorded, and the material is sent for further processing.

At the factory, the raw material (bark) is being crushed.Then, a specific glue is added to it and a mass is created for the further formation of plates, wallpaper or rolls.

It is noteworthy that in order to improve the quality of finished products, they often include veneer or MDF chips. After drying, pressing and grinding, cork wall covering is ready for operation.

Experts identify such varieties of this material:

  1. cork wall varietiesRoll.
    This is the most budget option. The thickness of such a coating in Leroy Merlin, as in other stores, does not exceed 2 mm. Also, it will require a team of professionals and specific glue to apply it, because such a small thickness creates certain difficulties when sticking. But the cost of roll coating is more than acceptable.
  2. Cork oak wallpaper.
    This is a fairly reliable material with high strength. The cost of wallpaper in Leroy Merlin, as in any other hardware store, will be slightly higher than the roll coverage. However, the quality significantly exceeds the performance of a budget equivalent. Usually they are made on the basis of non-woven, paper or glue.
  3. Tile.
    This is the most durable material.The coating has a wax or lacquer coating and is made from extruded granules. It is quite easy to lay on the walls, but this will require a specific adhesive. This material is widely used in rooms with a specific environment: bath, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  4. Spraying
    This is an innovation in the world of cork oak building materials. The composition forms a thin coating and is easily applied to any surface, including metal, wood, etc.

The choice of the type of coverage is always yours, but experts recommend focusing not only on the pricing policy, but also on the quality of the material.


Among the advantages of cork wallpaper and tiles are the following factors:

  1. cork for walls, the benefits of finishingEcological purity.
    The coating is hypoallergenic, however, provided that you use only the recommended glue that does not contain harmful fragrances and particles. Cork wallpaper can be used to decorate a children's room, bedroom and other rooms.
  2. Stylish look.
    This coating will easily fit into many areas of interior design, including eco, country, etc. At the same time the look of the room with such a coating will be incredible, because each series of wallpaper or tile has its own exclusive design.
  3. Thermal insulation.
    This material is energy efficient, retaining heat in the winter and not releasing coolness in the summer heat. To do this, you should correctly apply a coating of cork oak, so that there are no gaps, as in the photo from the Internet.
  4. Soundproofing.
    The cork oak bark has a unique structure that allows you to absorb part of the sound waves. With a cork coating, street noise will be minimal.
  5. Reliability.
    The bark of cork oak is not affected by time. Accordingly, the coating does not fade in the sun, does not abrade and does not give in to deformations. The only thing that can happen is the appearance of marks on the wax protection layer. However, this defect is easily fixed.

As you can see, high-quality cork coating is an excellent solution, therefore, more and more people choose this material for interior decoration.

Features of installation and useful advice on operation

All the useful qualities of cork coating can be significantly reduced if its application was incorrect. For example, when the wallpaper is not glued closely (as in the photo) or when using low-quality glue.

Professionals recommend the installation process in the following sequence:

  1. cork walling, installation rulesA day before sticking, remove the wallpaper or tile from the packaging and leave it in printed form. The coating must be saturated with the environment, adjusting to the humidity and temperature. It is important that the material lies in the room where it will be laid.
  2. Prepare the wall for application. To do this, clean it from dust and dirt, primed, putty cracks and crevices and make a thorough grout with sandpaper. After that, it is better to repeat the cleaning.
  3. Take a level and mark the location of the tiles and wallpapers. This will help prevent joints.
  4. If the wallpaper or tile is self-adhesive, simply remove the protective coating and apply it on the wall. If not, it's time to prepare the glue.
  5. Apply astringent to the wall. For this, it is better to use a special spatula and trowel. This will reduce consumption and glue will not end prematurely.
  6. Begin the installation. If you need to cut holes for switches or sockets, then use a stationery knife.
  7. After coating, remove contamination, if any. To do this, use a damp cloth.
However, in order for your room to look exactly like cork-coated interiors in a photo from the Internet, you should follow some guidelines for the care and application of this material.

So, the following useful tips will help you:

  1. Prefer contact glue. It interacts better with cork and the risk of peeling off the corners of the wallpaper is minimized. In the end, you get the interior, as in the photo from the Internet.
  2. It is better to calculate the amount of material in advance. All wallpaper and cork oak tile are standard sizes.
  3. Glue should be applied with a spatula, because it is important that it does not get onto the coating, this will lead to the appearance of unremovable stains.
  4. A wax-coated tile has an unpleasant property, and fingerprints can remain on it. Do not get upset, they are easily eliminated with a slight heat.

If you want to get an interior with cork coating on the walls, the quality and style of which is comparable to the photo from the Internet, then you should try. Although it is much better to turn to professionals. Only with them you will get the expected result and eliminate the risk of annoying errors.

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