20 explosive facts

20 explosive facts

2210-610x360As soon as our ancestors invented gunpowder and realized that they could blow up anything they wanted, the bombs took up a solid position in our life. Modern bombs have such power that our ancestors never dreamed of. Atomic bombs - a weighty argument in modern politics.

And you have probably heard about a scientific theory that states that our Universe arose as a result of the Big Bang, which in turn led to the emergence of life on Earth.

So, if all the bombs existing in the world explode, life on our planet will also end as a result of the “Big Bang”. Let's hope that this never happens.

And now we just want to bring to your attention 20 impressive facts about bombs.

During the first nuclear test in New Mexico, the flash from the explosion was so bright that a blind woman named Georgia Green allegedly asked her brother what this bright light means. And then they were 50 miles from the place of testing.

After the two world wars, millions of bombs and warheads were left lying on the bottom of the oceans, because the authorities have not yet found a way to get them and neutralize them.

Explosives disposal experts are usually not afraid of splinters, as the special suits reliably protect them. Much more dangerous is the blast wave.
Barotrauma usually occurs when the shock wave of a bomb causes pressure changes, which leads to ruptures of internal organs.

One way to detect a fake is to authenticate works of art using radiocarbon analysis for the content of various isotopes that were not in nature before the explosions of the first nuclear bombs in the middle of the 20th century.

In 1769 a thunderstorm broke over the city of Brescia in Italy. Unfortunately, lightning hit the powder warehouse. The explosion killed about 3,000 people.

In the 70s, engineers did not realize the danger of nuclear explosions and used them in the construction of industrial facilities.

In 1958, during construction work near the building of the British Royal Air Force, the workers had to move the model of the largest bomb of the Second World War. Nothing special, you say? Yes, but as it turned out, the dummy turned out to be a real bomb.

Doug Wood was preparing to photograph one of the first tests of the atomic bomb.He hurried to take off his goggles, and he had to cover his eyes with his hand. He then told me that he could see through his hand and saw blood flowing through the blood vessels of his hand. After Doug removed his hand, he saw something even more incredible ... in front of him was a skeleton (of course, it was the man whom he saw almost through).

93% of all nuclear weapons in the world are under the control of the United States and Russia.

In 1968, an American bomber crashed over the cold ices of Greenland. His 4 nuclear bombs did not explode, but were discovered and brought back to America. At least everyone thought so. But in 2008 it was found that one of the bombs remained in the ice.

In 1961, a nuclear bomber crashed in the sky over North Carolina. The first of the two nuclear bombs on the ground on 5 of their parachutes of 6 provided, but only by a miracle without exploding. The parachutes of the second bomb, however, did not open at all. She fell deeply crashing into the ground. Fortunately, it also did not explode. There she still lies.

Tsar Bomb - the largest bomb ever exploded. It was developed in the Soviet Union, the total energy of the explosion was 50 megatons of TNT.This is 1570 times more powerful than the power of two nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

The US Air Force once even engaged in the development of a “gay bomb,” which they were going to fill with powerful pheromones. Being dropped on enemy troops, these bombs were supposed to cause strong sexual arousal among the enemy soldiers, and, ideally, stimulate homosexual behavior.

One modern American stealth bomber can carry 16 nuclear warheads (B83). Each of these bombs is 75 times more powerful than a bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

On September 16, 1920, a bomb placed in a horse-drawn carriage exploded near a bank on Wall Street. It was the most deadly catastrophe (38 people died) in the history of New York, while more terrible explosions shook the city on September 11, 2001.

The so-called "lazy dogs" are small, unguided and non-explosive bombs that are dropped on the enemy from aircraft. In fact, these are the bullets that are falling from above.

In 1998, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) threatened to undermine the courthouse in Northern Ireland. The police evacuated people from the building, leading them into the courtyard ... where the bomb was laid.Hundreds of people were injured and 29 people died.

By some estimates, it would have taken Vietnam almost 300 years to clear its territory of bombs and mines. It would have to spend about $ 10 billion.

During World War II, the United States developed bombs called the bat. In these bombs were placed live bats, to which were attached smaller mines. When bombs were dropped on cities, they opened up, releasing bats. Mines with a clockwork on the body of the mice were in fact incendiary, which meant that wherever the bat landed, there was a fire to start.

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  • 20 explosive facts

    20 explosive facts

    20 explosive facts

    20 explosive facts

    20 explosive facts

    20 explosive facts

    20 explosive facts

    20 explosive facts

    20 explosive facts

    20 explosive facts

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