10 unexplained facts in recent years


10 unexplained facts in recent years

How little we know about the world around us. Many scientists argue about the amazing anomalies that are difficult to explain to humanity. Most of the inexplicable is hidden from the general public, a man is not yet ready for many facts. In spite of this, a dozen of the most mysterious phenomena in the world will be presented, the reasons for which were not found. Every inexplicable fact is verified, but international organizations could not give an answer.

Sleep in the middle of the flame

A 22-year-old guy abruptly woke up from pain, he said he felt that he was on fire. He was taken to the hospital and identified second-degree burns; there is not even a centimeter of a burned area in the room.

Flame of fire

Doctors and scientists can not explain where the flame came from and how it extinguished itself.

Man on mars

The next shot from the surface of Mars from the moon rover shocked everyone; the shadow of a person was clearly visible. The most amazing thing is that there is not a single ledge near which a shadow could fall.

Man's shadow on mars

The man simply stood next to the apparatus for a second.Further shots of the site did not produce results, the picture was only an instant that the camera caught the miracle.

There are two theories: alien forms and fake photography, as is the case with the Americans going down to Mars. So far, none of them have been proven.

Woman cheated death a thousand times

Those who cheated death once will never die.

Miss Gilmour, a native of the city of Lytham St. Annees, in her 49 years was able to escape death over a thousand times, in history this is an isolated incident. Scientists can not explain why the mysterious events are haunting her, and how she manages to avoid them.

A woman always finds herself in the center of destruction, accidents, attempts and other dangerous factors, but at the same time rarely gets off on even minor injuries.

British law prohibits her from traveling by public transport, especially by plane.

Sounds of hell from heaven

On a clear afternoon on January 9, 2012, a gloomy sound came from the sky over Costa Rica, resembling the “sounds of hell” from films. Such an inexplicable fact was massive, thousands of calls were made to the rescue service, and the line could not stand it.

Sound spectrum

The sound sounded in the head of every inhabitant, and scientists cannot explain it. We need a giant speaker so that the sound covers such a territory.There is no such powerful device in the world.

A boy who does not know thirst and hunger

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A boy from the Jones family at the age of twelve is not thirsty or hungry, all his physical performance is normal.

The body does not send him a signal of hunger or thirst, the guy can not eat food for a long time.

This fact is not innate: the lack of appetite came to the boy after a severely undergone surgery, although the operation absolutely should not have affected the nutrition of the child.

Doctors say that this is an inexplicable fact, and carefully monitor the further development of the young man.

Stone of a thousand diamonds

A unique stone was found in Russia, which consists of approximately 30,000 diamonds.

Mineral rock

Scientists are studying the strange properties of a stone, a one-of-a-kind find, an inexplicable fact that shook the whole world.

Fish shore

On the eve of the new 2012, the North Sea coast (Norway) was completely covered with dead fish. It was as if the herring was thrown ashore, like salmon after throwing caviar, but it does not do that, and the time is not at all appropriate.

Dead fish flooded the shore

After the celebration of the new year, the inhabitants did not find a single fish, although according to the photos that witnesses made, there were thousands of fish.Where so many dead fish have gone is an inexplicable fact. The waves could not take them, as the largest submersible transport.

And they all fell from heaven

The year 2012 began strangely: on the first day in Arkansas, all the birds fell dead in the rain. Weather conditions were normal, no toxins and other things in the air were recorded.


In one second, thousands of birds simply fell dead. Why? This inexplicable fact no one can justify.

Precipitation from spheres

After a strong storm in England, precipitations in the form of balls fell to the ground. An eyewitness claims that the sky became yellow, the diameter of the spheres was no more than three centimeters.


Soft in density, odorless and color, they did not melt or stick. After the incident, unfortunately, there are no samples left to study, according to the description of this mineral is not on Earth.

A man who has lived more than one life

A teenager from Golan Heights told his parents about his past life. According to the story, the guy was killed by an ax, he accurately showed the place of his alleged death, where the murder weapon was found.


Scientists could not provide a justification for this phenomenon, but diligently began to study the guy.

It was a dozen of the most inexplicable phenomena in the world that are still baffled by scientists and researchers.

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2018-04-12 11:58:16
Unusual opinion or theory of "unknown physics".
Observing minerals and sand stones since childhood, I was always interested in their origin. For a long time I kept all my observations and the prevailing opinion in myself. I think that now is the time when you can share it. What ultimately prompted me to this? Reason more than enough. The unknown objects (UFO) I have seen, unexplained phenomena (prophetic dreams, etc.), the inexplicability of the exact processing of solid materials and their movement in space. Today I would like to start with the first part of the opinions I am preparing. Let me remind you that this is my subjective opinion with which, of course, many will disagree.
And so in the first place, what is the difference, in our usual understanding of physics and mechanics, I would call logical, from unknown? First of all it is predictability. That is, if we do this, then that will certainly follow. For example, throw up an apple and it will inevitably fall down. Yes, it is clear to everyone and in our reasoning we leave it as our already existing knowledge. But in order to find explanations,Well, for example, as it was possible to process the walls in the Barabar cave in India, we make a big mistake by applying the physics that are traditional in our understanding to explain. We are at a standstill and can not find solutions. My own method is the opposite. Let's start the argument. Well, imagine many people standing in the 300th century BC, with pickaxes and chisels inside the cave? I think no. Further and closer to the hypothesis. We are accustomed to the three states of water, solid, liquid and gas. What will prevent us from applying our knowledge of water to the stone. We know only one state. Surpass ourselves and go further. If we conventionally take per unit of hardness as an example of granite, let it be 7 (on the Mohs scale, which is 550 kg / cm²), then theoretically we need to reach its yield value of minus 7 or minus 550 kg / cm². Is it possible? With conclusions I would not hurry. I think this is where the solution is. I.e. In order to achieve the processing of granite to an ideal degree, we need to find a way to achieve its softness. Notice we only have to find, it is to find this way and not to say that it is impossible! From this it follows that we have a task. Now we are looking for solutions.Let's forget about our knowledge for some time and apply the so-called "unknown physics". The question is how? We think further. We take opinions, well, for example, 10 people, provided that these opinions are completely different. Let's say one of them, perhaps the most delusional, is the separation of a cane strictly in the same plane at the molecular level. How are we going to decide, and we need to decide First of all, let us ask ourselves a question, are we aware of all types of energy? Absolutely sure that no, not all. Let's leave this topic for now. Today, we still will not process the stone, but we have found the way. And so we go on. The UFO flying machine, to put it mildly, I think its definition already wears a bored hue, so I will call it differently: - interplanetary flying ship - MLS. Now we apply the knowledge we have. In order to make the flight, we need to overcome the gravity of the nearest object, in our case it is the Earth. This is a necessary condition. We take the same opinion of 10 people. Let's say one of them, the same delusional thing is a change in the direction of gravity, and that’s what they have been arguing about, but how to do it. From vet all too. We are looking for ways. One of them is to use the gravity of other objects, that is, the planets. Thank God for a great many of them.And again the challenge. To solve it, we first need to determine what kind of energy it is, how can it be fixed and what can be taken as a unit? When all this is clear it will remain to create a so-called gravity generator. Unlike a magnet with poles + and -, it is definitely necessary for it to work only as a vector. Then everything that will be in MLS, i.e. living objects will not experience loads "F". Thus, the problems are posed and must be solved.
Until new meetings with respect SOLOMON
Irik Adgamovich
2016-09-08 01:15:44
Man on Mars. There is nothing surprising. In many photographs of Curiori, people in spacesuits hiding in the dark rocks are quite noticeable, sometimes even lying at a distance from the apparatus. Not only adults, but also women with children from the Alternative-3 program for 50 years already existing on Mars since 1965. 4 East and 4 Gemini were found on Mars. I believe that the whole scam with the Apollo false program was artificially inflated for a simple reason: it was not only a moon program, but also a Martian program at the same time. Thanks to her, a space greenhouse for Alternatives was sent to Mars with one of the Apollos, the products of which they still eat.
Irik Adgamovich
2016-09-08 00:34:16
Regarding the ignition of a 22-year-old guy. In his past life, he was the cause of a strong fire in which a forest burned with animals and herbs, the energy building blocks of which participate in the life of his body, since for the life of the common man the whole biosphere creates the conditions for its energy living, which it has accumulated for 150 years. That is why the fire occurred in the past life, in this life can not be extinguished by any force. This is an act of recompense for past mistakes. Usually, without noticing it, sometimes we are very energetic. The itching pain experienced at the same time in this place has a cause of abrupt thermal death of the cage of our body, in which our mistake of extermination in the past life of a living creature, whose energy was manifested in it, manifested itself.

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  • 10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years

    10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years 10 unexplained facts in recent years