10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

This is one of our favorite fantasies: what would happen if Adolf Hitler were killed? What would our world be like if the future Fuhrer was not earlier than he had time to plunge the world into war?

It cannot be said that no one ever tried to do this. There were many attempts to eliminate the leader of the Third Reich, but Hitler, as it turned out, was surprisingly difficult to kill. Four attempts to kill Hitler were made even before he became chancellor and more than forty later, but all were unsuccessful.

In this article you will find ten forgotten episodes of history, several of the many attempts on the life of Hitler. Some of them talk about heroism, others - about madness, others seem just strange, but if one of them succeeded, our world would be completely different.

10. Johann Georg Elzer is a few minutes late

November 8, 1938, Hitler was an inch from death. He was supposed to give a speech at the Munich beer hall, but, worried about the bad weather, he decided to finish the performance 30 minutes earlier in order to catch the return train home.And if he had not done this, he would have died that evening.

Less than ten minutes after Hitler left the building, a time bomb exploded behind the rostrum for a performance. Eight people were killed, sixty were injured, and there is no doubt that the Führer would have been killed had he continued to speak.

The bomb was planted by Johann Georg Elzer - a carpenter, a union member and a communist. A few days before this, he told his friend that Germany would never return to the right path unless someone destroyed Hitler. Elzer believed that the communist revolution could begin after that.

Hitler survived by chance, and Elzer was caught trying to escape to Switzerland. He was tortured, then sent to the Dachau concentration camp, where he was eventually shot.

The day after Elzer’s plan failed, the Crystal Night began - Jewish enterprises and synagogues throughout Germany were crushed or burned by a mob. We can say that the next day was the beginning of the Holocaust.

9. Maurice Bavo tried to kill Hitler the next day.

Hitler would not have lived 24 hours after the attempt of Elser, if Maurice Bavaux had shot better.

Bavo was a student theologian from Switzerland who, in a fit of either insanity or insight, convinced himself that Hitler was the antichrist. Hitler, in his opinion, was a threat to the Christian faith and all of humanity, so his murder was a "holy duty."

Bavo acquired a pistol and went to Germany, where he was desperately trying to arrange his meeting with the person he was planning to kill. When Bavo realized that he would not succeed, he joined the crowd with enthusiastic supporters of the Nazis with a pistol in his pocket, waiting for Hitler to appear at the annual solemn procession through the streets of Munich.

When Hitler appeared, the crowd threw up their hands in greeting, making it difficult to aim. Bavo had only a few seconds to decide whether he should fire and believe that God would safely shoot a bullet through the crowd, or he should leave his gun alone and believe that chance did not allow him to take the life of an innocent victim.

Bavo decided not to risk it and left. Shortly thereafter, he boarded a train going to France on a fake ticket, thanks to which he was detained. Inspecting his belongings, the police found the gun and the scheme of Hitler’s country house. For Bavo, it was all over.

Bavo was executed on the guillotine in May 1941: “I want to cry, but I can't,” he wrote to his parents the day before the execution. “I feel my heart will explode.”

8. William Seabrook Tried to Kill Hitler with Voodoo Magic

While the Germans and the Swiss tried to kill Hitler with weapons and explosives, the American writer decided to go the other way. William Sibruk decided to destroy Hitler through black magic.

January 22, 1941 Sibruk gathered a group of friends in his house in Maryland for a special ritual. Until dawn, they drank rum, played drums and tried to call the pagan gods to destroy the leader of Germany.

They donned a Nazi uniform on the mannequin, singing: “You are Hitler! Hitler is you! ” Then Sibruk and his followers began to ask the pagan god Istana to transfer wounds from the dummy to Hitler, while they themselves spat on the dummy and shouted: “We curse you!”.

Drunk occultists began hammering nails into the heart of a dummy under the sound of drums. After that, Seabrook cut off his head with an ax and buried it all deep in the forest so that it would be eaten by worms.

Strange as it may seem, Hitler survived this attempt. Historians are still at a loss as to how this plan could fail.

7. The first attempt on Hitler

By that time, people had already tried to kill Hitler for at least 20 years. The first attempt on his life occurred in November 1921, long before Hitler led Germany.

At that time, he spoke at the Munich pub, telling a multi-hundred audience about the greatness of National Socialism. However, the crowd consisted not only of his supporters. More than 300 people were hot opponents of Hitler and held directly opposing views. They listened to Hitler’s performance, which went against everything they believed in, and gradually got drunk.

After one of Hitler's phrases, beer mugs flew onto the stage. Hitler's supporters struck back, and a massive brawl soon ensued. Chairs flew through the air, lead pipes and brass knuckles appeared in people's hands, and blood appeared.

The guards of Hitler began to try to restore order, but during the chaos, someone pulled out a pistol and opened fire on Hitler. It could have been the end of the Nazi party, but that person missed.

Hitler remained imperturbable.He did not run for cover, according to some sources, he even pulled out his own pistol and began to fire back. Then he continued his speech and spoke for another 20 minutes - even while his hearers beat each other to the blood and tried to kill him.

6. Attempt to undermine

Not all Germans were pleased with Hitler's rise to power. When the Nazis began to kill their political opponents and exterminate the Jews, General Henning von Treskov vowed to end the Nazi party. He helped organize the German resistance and promised that he would stop at nothing to kill Adolf Hitler.

He got his chance on March 13, 1943, when Hitler flew out of his headquarters in Vinnitsa, USSR, back to Germany. On the way home he had to make an intermediate landing in Smolensk. There he decided to deliver his blow to von Treskov.

He handed one of the officers flying with Hitler a bottle of expensive brandy, saying that it was a gift for Nazi officials in Berlin. A bomb was hidden inside the bottle, the fuse of which was supposed to work after 30 minutes. The officer took a bottle of explosives and carried it to the plane, and Treskov began to follow the plane taking off, expecting to see Hitler explode in the sky.

The bomb did not explode.It was stored in the luggage compartment, and because of the cold temperature, the fuse did not work. Hitler returned home safely, not knowing that his life was in danger, and Treskov had to connect his people in Berlin so that they would withdraw the bottle before they could find it.

5. Rudolf-Christoph von Gersdorf standing with centimeters from Hitler

Von Treskov did not give up. Soon, he developed another plan to assassinate Hitler, for his execution someone had to sacrifice his life. Nazi General Rudolf-Christoph Freier von Gersdorf volunteered, he was ready to die for the sake of ridding the world of Hitler.

On March 15, 1943, Hitler, accompanied by Goering and Himmler, was to take part in the opening of the exhibition of captured Russian equipment in Berlin. If Gersdorf managed to get close enough to them, he could at once destroy the three most influential people in the Nazi party.

Gersdorf stuffed the pockets of his coat with explosives with fuses that were supposed to work 10 minutes after they were cocked, and went to the exhibition, trying his best to look calm while waiting for Hitler.However, he was late, and Gersdorf was forced to stand among the Nazi mob with bombs in his pockets.

When Hitler appeared, they announced that he could spend no more than eight minutes examining the exposition. This meant that if Gersdorf had set the ten-minute timer, his bomb would have exploded after Hitler left. He would have blown up himself and those around him, but the Fuhrer would not have suffered.

It was not worth the risk. Gersdorf could only stand, smile and watch Adolf Hitler go over the exhibition, and then go out - before anyone finds himself hidden in the pockets of his coat.

4. The Oster Plot

In 1938, Hans Oster, the head of one of the departments of the German Military Intelligence Directorate, planned not only to kill Hitler, but also to overthrow the entire Nazi party. Hitler wanted to gain control of Czechoslovakia, and Oster was sure that his claims would embroil Germany into a world war. He decided to prevent it.

Oster planned a coup d'état. With a team of 60 officers, Oster was going to rid Germany of the Nazi party. They wanted to arrest Hitler first and then get rid of him one way or another.Some wanted to execute him, others - to declare mentally ill, Oster himself wanted to shoot Hitler during his arrest on the pretext of resisting arrest, but absolutely everyone agreed with Hitler that he should be removed.

The coup did not happen. To everyone's surprise, the Munich Agreement allowed Germany to annex Czechoslovakia without a single shot, and the world war that Oster feared did not start. The conspiracy fell apart because everyone believed that the crisis was over. And by the time the war really began, they were too divided to do anything.

3. The British have put Estrogen Hitler in food

Not all anti-Hitler plans were supposed to end with his murder. Some of them provided for mere discreditation, but they were no less remarkable than the murder plans. For example, one of the plans of the British was to add Estrogen to Hitler’s food.

Hitler's sister was a meek secretary, and the British were convinced that if Hitler could activate the female hormones, he would become as submissive as she. They had spies who could get access to the prepared food, but there was no certainty that if poison was added to food, they would not be detected with the help of food tests.Estrogen is another matter, they were sure that they would be able to add it to Hitler’s diet.

It was not just a reckless plan - it was actually implemented. The British bribed a gardener who was supposed to inject estrogen into farmed carrots, and he agreed to that. Hitler's feminization plan was set in motion.

It’s not quite clear how this all ended, but it seems the plan didn’t work. Perhaps food testers noticed an increased amount of estrogen in carrots, it is possible that the gardener gave everything away. And maybe the plan worked, and the Nazi invasion of Russia was only the result of the fact that a very confused man was struggling with the influx of new hormones that aroused femininity in him.

2. The conspiracy of July 20

On July 20, 1944, Count Stauffenberg managed to get closer to his goal than any of those who attempted to. He tried to do this in Wolfschance, Hitler's top secret position, where he met with the most trusted people.

Stauffenberg brought a briefcase with explosives and retired to a room to install fuses. He managed to install only one when the guard knocked on the door and said that Hitler was waiting for him.Stauffenberg went to a meeting with only one charged bomb and hoped that would be enough.

He entered the meeting room and put the briefcase with the bomb under the table, trying to push it as close as possible to Hitler. Then he apologized, went out and waited for the explosion. The bomb exploded, breaking the whole room. Four people were killed, but the explosion of one bomb to kill Hitler was not enough. The Fuhrer received only a few injuries, and Stauffenberg was caught and executed.

1. Operation Foxley

The British used many ways to kill Hitler. At first they wanted to bomb Hitler's private train, then add poison to the water supply system, but none of these plans worked.

In 1944, one of Hitler’s personal guards was captured. He was interrogated and found out that he served in the mountain refuge of Hitler in the Bavarian Alps, and he was ready to provide the British with all the information about this refuge.

The guard told the British that when Hitler was in his asylum, the Nazi flag was hoisted over the building. Every day at 10:00 in the morning he took a secluded walk to the nearby tea house. For about 20 minutes he was alone, unguarded, walking through a forest in which a sniper could easily hide.

The British conducted reconnaissance.They had a shooter and a man inside the residence who was ready to help. This plan might have worked, but Lt. Col. Ronald Thornley spoke out against him. He convinced the command that it would be better to leave Hitler alive. The murder would have made him a martyr in the eyes of the living Nazis, and, in terms of strategy, it would be better to leave everything as it is. By that time, the war was almost over, and it was indeed better for the Allies that Hitler was alive.

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  • 10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler

    10 failed assassination attempts by Adolf Hitler